Learn the alchemy and processes involved in making your own set of watercolour and gouache paints in this week long course with Daniel Docherty and David Cranswick PhD.

Polarity and Paradox through Sacred Geometry and Story with Daniel Docherty‚Äč and Roi Gal-Or


SOAG Studios - School of Sacred Geometry

'Never did eye see the Sun unless first itself becoming Sun-like' [Plotinus].

Now is the time for renewed impetus ... to realign the Arts and Soul Sciences and our connection with them to the Sacred; we invite you to join us at our beautiful SAOG Studios, set in the heart of the idyllic Emerson College campus (adjoining Tablehurst Farm - our initial 'home') and a mere stone's throw from London, Brighton and Gatwick Airport! to experience how Geometry, the language of the 'ever-true, the eternally existent', can be  a powerful means to this end.

For more information please visit https://www.sacredartofgeometry.com