A letter from a former student

Trickle your support!

Dear friends of Emerson

I am writing to invite you to join me in a new venture to express our support and love for Emerson College.  A  'spiritual' community of support already exists in shape of the alumni. Most of us are people who in some part of their life visited Emerson, in most cases studied and lived there. For many it is a 'home' away from home and always there, if ever "you need a break/inspiring course/lovely community time again". We love to hear from Emerson and to know it is doing well and will be well, remaining active and alive for many future years.

But Emerson needs financial support just to be there for us (it is a UK registered charity).  We all know how hard it is in these economic times for businesses, even hospitals and also educational communities like Emerson, which hosts so many wonderful people, activities, courses, conferences and not to forget the gardens with their Spring flowers, the bees and all those future to-be-inspired people. Those who will take what has been so important to us, further out into the world, whether through growing biodynamic food, enlivening anthroposophy, warming people’s hearts with the ancient craft of storytelling.. healing the environment with art or working therapeutically with counselling. The number of people who have passed through here, the courses and conferences,  is uncountable, immeasurable and.. worth caring for! Some people come here and meet their life partner, some people are inspired to work in a renewed living way, most of us feel encouraged to finally really be ourselves and discover new sides of us, capacities, skills, wishes and dreams that lay deeply in hiding. We all have our individual Emerson story…  We all would love it to be there now and in future, as one of the heart core places on the map of the world.

Yet there is so little one can do? Exactly! So therefore let's do it all together and form a Worldwide Emerson Community, not just in spirit, but in outer deed! A miniature one, as we all are striving to support ourselves first of all in these economic times.

The magic that we love from Emerson, we can create in return as a gift of ongoing conscious outer support in the symbolic amount of £1 per month. It becomes magic when we all do so. This amount is not used for any particular project and or to give you any special treats or bonuses. It simply trickles into the bank account helping to pay for all Emerson's varied basic living costs. There is no catch, we all do it for each other, simply by one grateful click to support Emerson being there when next we - our children, friends, grandchildren, neighbours.. -  can visit it.

I have just clicked, will you join me?

Warm wishes,

Carine Biessels

Former staff member now student in Germany


If you would like to help support and be part of the Emerson Community, click here...... Donate to Emerson