Friday, 16 July 2021 Holistic Baby & Childcare Students enjoy a face-to-face residential at Emerson

Students from our Holistic Baby & Childcare course were finally able to enjoy a long-awaited residential at Emerson and meet in person for the first time.

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The Level 3 (EYE) Holistic Baby and Childcare course, a blended learning course, began in October 2020 online.  On June 11th 28 of the students were finally able face-to-face for a nourishing long weekend of nature tables, craft skills, eurythmy, painting, storytelling, demonstrations of the Pikler approach and much more. 

Some of the practical skills taught on this course are not covered in any other Level 3 UK course which is one of the things that makes it so unique. Its birth to three emphasis also sets it apart, enabling students to learn how to give the kinds of best care to babies and very youngest child. The uncertainty we have been faced with over the past year emphasises the importance of a course like this in helping to provide children with the best start in live and build resilience for the future. 


Among the students who gathered at Emerson were child-minders and play group leaders, parent and child group leaders and parenting course leaders.  Those from abroad who were not able to join were very much missed and teachers Dorothy, Silvia and Sam created a bespoke online weekend for them to help them to share the experience. 

It was a joy to witness the Holistic Baby and Child Care students exploring the grounds at Emerson as part of their learning on this future-orientated holistic training. 

All that the college stands for in terms of creating sustainable and developing socially conscious skills for the future are reflected in this course.

'On my walk from Forest Row on Friday afternoon, Emerson was described to me as a real Haven and I found that to be true. It was somewhere my soul felt at home. The energy of the environment breathed new life into me, and I left feeling recalibrated in my connections, interests and intentions. I appreciated the feeling of free roam that the layout and organisation allows, and the staff are welcoming and did the College great justice.' 

About the Course

The Holistic Baby and Childcare course is a Level 3 EYE blended learning diploma course run by Early Childhood Experts, Dorothy Marlen, Sam Greshoff and Silvia Lauzzana.

To find out more about the course we warmly invite you to visit http://www.emerson.org.uk/holistic-baby-and-child-care