Blessing the Garden on St Bride's Day

Biodynamic Garden News

The garden team of the new Biodynamic vegetable teaching garden celebrated the start of its sowing season with a ritual ceremony on Sunday 1st February, St. Brigid's or Bride's Day and traditionally the first day of spring in the Celtic calendar.

The afternoon began by weaving Brigid's crosses from rushes, which have long been hung in houses and cattle sheds as a symbol of protection and blessing.
We then proceeded to the garden, where gardener Nik opened a sacred circle, and Kate Room led us in a song to honour the earth. The fire was kindled and the 20 or so people who joined us spoke blessings and wishes for the garden into the circle before gathering in the newly restored old glasshouse where a fresh cross was hung and the first seeds sown by Annemarie, our longest serving gardener together with Trude from Norway, BD student and youngest serving gardener.
Then it was back to the fire to warm up with a special dance for Bride led by Visual Arts student Alex, followed by songs and stories of Bride, both goddess and saint from Janice Witherspoon, Sarah Lett, Ulf Nilsson and Marte Tveter, accompanied by hot apple juice from last year's abundant harvest. 
May all the blessings and good wishes bear fruit for the coming season and thanks to all who contributed their talents to make this a very special day for the garden and its rejuvenation. 
Janice Witherspoon (on behalf of the garden team)
MahleSpecial thanks to Mahle Stiftung GmbH, the sponsors of the seeds and tools used by Emerson to maintain our flourishing vegetable teaching garden.