An Update On The Director Of Education Role

Thursday, 01 July 2021

In April this year, Steve Briault wrote to the faculty to let them know that it was agreed, with the Board of trustees and directors, that his interim role as Education Director would come to an end on June 30th this year.  

Our recent advertising for an Education Director resulted in some very fine applicants, some of whom we hope will join the faculty as we continue to develop our programme of courses.  However, due to evolving needs and changes in the development of Emerson College, including moving the kitchen and dining facilities out of Pixton, and a wish from Steve Briault (who has been carrying both our education and asset development activities) to let go of his other role as Director of Development this Autumn, we decided not to invite a short list of people to interview for the role at this time. Instead, we have chosen to keep more of an open space for Education to develop at Emerson College in the coming twelve months and also enable us to focus on the staff restructuring and building works that are planned, including an exciting new reception area to welcome students! 

Our wish is very much to nurture Ellie Kidson and Chiara Carones in the professional development of their roles in Education leadership at the college, supported by myself.  Together we will consolidate and complete ongoing tasks and ensure the successful outcomes of courses already planned and in the pipeline.  In addition, we plan to begin regular faculty meetings for those who live locally and find creative ways to include the members of our faculty who live further away. Roi Gal-Or, Ellie Kidson, Chiara Carones and Annie Blampied will be meeting to initiate this development in the late summer.  

The way Steve has held the space for Education to develop, supporting both the Faculty and Education Team with love and commitment over the last 5 years, has, amongst much else, made an invaluable contribution to establishing new Emerson Courses. This is not the place to do full justice to what has been a challenging and under-resourced task, requiring both initiative and patience, but we would like to take this opportunity to express our warmest appreciation to Steve for his creative dedication.
Meanwhile, we have started the recruitment process for the Director of Asset Development (please click here for information about the role and the job description).

Steve, the steering group for the Pixton project and Nic Pople, the architect, are working on the renovation plans for Pixton and will continue to hold and support this project throughout this next phase. We shall be able to update you soon.

With best wishes, 
Yvette Dellsperger, Director of Operations