Sunday, 18 July 2021 Katherine Beaven shares her experience as a student on the Mental Health Seminar

 I was fortunate enough to have been able to attend the Mental Health Seminar over the last three years. The course is formed and carried in a truly collaborative way by the main teachers who bring the participants the riches of their own research and experience, and also facilitate each participant to go on their own journey to a deepened self-knowledge.  

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We had our final gathering at Emerson in July, this had been delayed due to Covid restrictions. Fortunately the majority of participants could attend, bringing a beautiful end to the very special journey we made together. To mark this ending it was possible to create a simple choreography of life after death and before birth with the help of eurythmy. It was a profound experience to move across a threshold and meet the planetary beings and then step into a complete zodiacal presence before being guided back with the help of ones sun sign, again meeting the planets before returning to earth. This accompanied by harp music!

I highly recommend joining the next course, starting in November. The learning is priceless and will no doubt lead you to make new steps in your life, with a new clarity of purpose and direction. And as a bonus, you can be sure you will end up with many new and deep friendships.

Katherine Beaven 

Eurythmy teacher and therapist

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The Mental Health Seminar is an in-depth Anthroposophic Training incorporating Personal and Professional Development with twelve modules spanning three years.

Led by Mike Chase, Dr James Dyson, Marah Evans and Dr Michael Evans, the Faculty comprises experienced and currently active practitioners and therapists, whose combined professional experience encompasses medicine, psychosomatics, child psychology, family counselling, psychotherapy, movement, drama and art therapy.


Professionals active in counselling, psychotherapy, social work and Health and Social Care as well as teachers, therapists, educators, administrators and other individuals committed to deepening their understanding for both adolescents and adults. 

To find out more about the course we warmly invite you to visit the course page: