Energizing Water

Monday, 26 August 2019 The Foundation for Water by Ian Trousdell

The Foundation for Water, an independent charity within the Emerson College campus, is continuing the work of John Wilkes and George Adams for water and nature. Over the last few years, with only meagre resources, we have focused on setting up infrastructure for an international expansion of influence and in reorganising our main physical asset, the 'water building' on the Sussex campus at the same time as conducting a thoroughly scientific 'Energizing Water' research programme funded by Software AG Stiftung in Germany.

The outcome of this is exciting.  The Foundation is now self-sufficient financially, and the research has shown that Figure8 dynamic flow increases water's coherence to the quantum field as well as increasing local natural energies also.  What does this mean? In anthroposophical terms it means broadly speaking that cosmic information of the present moment ties itself more effectively into nature's life processes. Our plant growth trials and spiritual scientific observations support this notion as do various physical tests such as increased pH and bonded oxygen. This projects was outsourced to Akloma Labs in Sweden, and we plan to carry out another stage of this Energizing Water research with them  with more plants combined with the quantum field testing.

The Foundation for Water is entering a new phase now, preparing for growth in our scientific, eco-technology and educational work in new modern ways. We are actively looking for those who would like to get involved in this with us.  Contact me if this is you.  

There is much to do to help the world's water and we are now ready to start up an expansive programme, as interest in how water really operates in nature increases.