FLOWFORM® in China

Ian Trousdell, director of Foundation of Water, writes about Flowform®, which has been based  at Emerson College  since its invention by one of the College’s early teachers, John Wilkes, in 1970.

Emerson College has been the centre for Flowform®, the figure8 dynamic flow water-quality improving technology, since its invention by one of the College’s early teachers, John Wilkes, in 1970. Many Emerson students and visitors have been fascinated by the heart pulse water flow of these extraordinarily artistic ‘biomimicry’ works, using nature’s best methods of improving water.

Since that time colleagues inspired by John and his wonderful insights into water have taken up Flowform design and project installation in many countries, but not much has happened in Asia.

And now, since I have been carrying on John’s Foundation for Water’s research work into energy in water on Emerson campus, we have realised even more how closely Flowform® design and concepts about water quality are to Asian culture. This has led to a renewed interest in taking Flowform® there, and in particular to China.

Hence since early in 2016 I have been focusing on introducing Flowform® to China, following up on some earlier contacts with people who are active in Waldorf Education and Biodynamic endeavours there. This has resulted in a container of ceramic vases being sent to our Guangzhou distributor Mr Tsau Weiguo where they are now beginning to sell well in those networks, and landscape moulds being sent to our Hangzhou distributor Mr Yang Qingfeng and Amerigo Sivelli for casting in concretes for school, kindergarten and commercial projects.

We are setting up a new Flowform® company there, as the basis for future work. It is called Fulefeng Ltd, which while sounding like ‘Flowform’ when spoken in Mandarin, is a new combination of characters meaning an enriched joyous harvest. In Chinese it is 福樂豐. Our aim is to enable Flowform® to enter into Chinese culture effectively, bringing the joy, peace and fascination it has brought to so many in the West also to Asia. In fact, we find their insightful perception of its simultaneous artistic, technical and healing qualities more pronounced than in the West, with many saying how much it is suited to traditional Asian culture, which has learned so much from the workings of nature.

So Flowform® is now at a new stage, with the aim to develop a strong business which can solve water issues in China while also helping socially too. There is growing interest from an increasingly wide network of people including the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, China’s top MBA university. In the coming year, we hope and envisage, there will be much more development in our work to help water and enter the China as a new part of Chinese culture, bringing anthroposophical benefits of harmony and healing through the pure action of rhythm and flow.

As we make our next steps we also plan to find significant investment into Fulefeng Ltd to help it grow healthily in such a huge market. Anyone with ideas or contacts concerning any of this work are invited to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.