Forest Row School of Ceramics opens at Emerson College

The School, run by Katrina Jenkins, is based in the Rachel Carson building at Emerson College

It offers outdoor space, which Katrina needs for a kiln site (a kiln-building workshop run by Joe Finch, Potter and author of Kiln Construction (a brick by brick approach), is already planned for early next year). Emerson also has more classrooms Katrina can utilise as she expands plus affordable student accommodation it needed.

Katrina is a popular local teacher with an infectious enthusiasm and passion for her craft. She has over 20 years’ teaching experience, the last six years in Forest Row. She is also an established potter herself selling and exhibiting her work internationally.

Katrina believes that pottery is a very therapeutic and rewarding activity, suitable for all ages and all levels of ability. She loves seeing how her classes relax and de-stress her students and will continue to offer her existing weekly classes and termly workshops, perfect for those who want to try a new experience or learn a new skill.

For those who want to make pottery their profession, the aim behind the school is to eventually offer full-time, high-level courses covering all aspects of Ceramics, with help from prominent potters running blocks of teaching throughout the year. Talented artists would have the opportunity to develop their own styles and benefit from being taught the traditional skills and practises needed to set up as independent potters.

For further details about the courses on offer, please click here.