Tuesday, 20 July 2021 The last module of our 2020-21 Quietude Practitioner Training

Last September, 16 people gathered Emerson College for the launch of the Quietude® Practitioner Training, a new seven weekend modular training, teaching spiritual care on the journey of death and dying. The first weekend was very moving with an introduction to the different stages of dying, exercises in listening with loving presence, participants exploring their own experiences with death through drawing and sharing, and a beautiful evening ceremony honouring loved ones who had died.

Students Cocreating their Quietude Journey

Quietude Students co-creating a visual timeline of their journey over the year


The participants included a GP, a Hospice Chaplain, a Homeopath, a Reflexologist, a writer, a researcher, a storyteller, Interfaith ministers, healers, teachers and carers. It was a miracle that we managed to meet in person that first weekend and that we have been able to continue through Covid with a mixture of zoom sessions, and hybrid sessions, with those able to come to Emerson joined from abroad by those on zoom. 

There has been an unexpected joy in this group of people finding each other and discovering this training also as a powerful path of self-development. During the final weekend (16th – 18th July) we celebrated our journey through the seven modules of the course; ‘Understanding’, ‘Preparing’, ‘Accompanying’, ‘Supporting’, ‘Death & Dying’, ‘Life After Death’ and ‘Honouring & Completing’ by inviting everyone to share their personal projects with the group.  Each project a unique and poignant reflection of the student’s experience of supporting and learning to support those on the threshold of death.

Testimonials from our students:

‘Against the backdrop of immense global change, this course is an invitation to unravel both personal and collective narratives about endings and new beginnings. Guided with great skill and imbued with the practical wisdom by Annie and the team, the process invites an intimate, dynamic dialogue with self and others about mortality. The course has attracted people from all walks of life who share an inquiry about death and dying and, fuelled by the life experience of each one, we share a desire to build a community of practice that transcends but also celebrates our differences.

The process has maintained its intensity through the changing goalposts brought about by the current lockdown situation. The integration of online learning has been facilitated with great care and attention to detail. I can wholeheartedly recommend this course to fellow practitioners who are ready to discover new depths and heights on their journey of development.’  Nanna Boisen

‘My daily practice has been somehow consecrated through the work. I now feel I have the skills to enter onto a new path of service.  I am full of inspiration and gratitude for Annie's depth of knowledge, wisdom and devotion to this work, which in our society has so little recognition. It has been an honour and a gift to be part of this pioneering training.’  Hannah Roberts

The next training course will begin in September.  If you are interested please contact me, Annie Blampied-Radojcin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or tell your friends about the work!  www.emerson.org.uk/quietude

Annie Blampied-Radojcin, founder and course leader of Quietude, has over seven years experience in chaplaincy and was ordained as a OneSpirit Interfaith Minister in 2004.   She has a background of over 20 years in Steiner Waldorf education. 

Quietude Students Learning M-Technique 

Quietude Students practicing M-Technique

 Flowers for Quietude

Flowers for Quietude