Memories of Emerson College Founder, Francis Edmunds

The late Francis Edmunds, the inspirational and charismatic founder of Emerson College, often used to call in at the kitchen in Pixton during the evening and chat with the students, answering their queries and offering shrewd suggestions as to their next steps. Ethan Brent, a Foundation Year Student in 1972-73 (known as 'Jim Brent' in those days) took this picture in 1972 of Francis Edmunds in characteristic pose during one of these kitchen sessions. 

Many thanks to Ethan for forwarding it to us! 

If you would like to learn more about the history of Emerson College you can know purchase the book 'The Story of Emerson College: its Founding Impulse, Work and Form' by Michael Spence, one of those involved with founding the college.