Mythology exists in every culture, in every nation and every land. Why?
One reason may be that it is the voice of the land speaking through the souls of the people who lived there. It has existed for thousands of years, expressing eternal truths still relevant today.

But today, in many ways, we are cut off from Nature, from Mother Earth and from the Great Goddess. We live in cities, in buildings, in concrete and think we have ‘tamed’ and ‘harnessed’ nature to serve our consumer needs. How can myths still teach us what it means to be human and to guide us on a spiritual path of what is human and what is Divine and how the two interact?

A core question for me is: How can I facilitate people to see that all things are connected, we are One, and to feel the relevance of myths in their lives? Myths are so old and yet so current, especially Greek myths which form the foundation of our western civilisation and thinking. Our society today is a consumer society and we are used to being fed processed foods. The ultimate aim of my workshops is to enhance true connection with oneself, others and Nature, to think freely, to feel and do for oneself.

There are many ways of accompanying people on their journey into storytelling. One of them is to simply tell the myth and let it do its work. This is the slowest way for the wisdom of the myth to reach us. Many of us have shut the ears of our heart and listen only with our mind; therefore the fruits of this way may never ripen fully in our consciousness. 

Another way is to stay with the archetypes, the metaphors and the images of the myths, to explore them and leave them to connect with my listener in their own good time. This helps open the channels of communication between the heart and mind, for as Aristotle, the great ancient Greek philosopher said, our soul thinks in images. 

Also, I can hasten the process slightly and invite my listener to allow a memory from their life that is awakened by the myth or story to come into their consciousness and be remembered. In this way the link between the ancient and the current is established and the relevance of the myth is highlighted, made clear and accessible. 

Once this is achieved, then the listener can travel on their own, make connections and feel the relevance of myth, understand the metaphors and the long-forgotten symbols for themselves. Their interpretation is always right and this experience can become the Golden Key that unlocks myths and stories for them, leading to greater understanding of themselves. 

It is in this spirit that I carry a stream of Greek Mythology at the School of Storytelling.

Love & blessings
Stella Kassimati
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