The Invisible Man within Us

Last month we welcomed Dr Broder von Laue to the College for a two-day study of “The Invisible Man within Us”.......

“The Invisible Man within Us” is the title of a lecture given by Rudolf Steiner at Dornach on 11th February 1923. The lecture, famously known to be very difficult to understand, lays the foundation how to contemplate the etheric aspect of illness and treatment - the Anthroposophical view of physiopathology and healing.

The course was very successful: although we had intended to run it for 15 participants, due to the high demand we opened it and ended up with 22. People came from all over the Country: Wales, Scotland, Midlands and also from abroad including France and Iceland.

In the course of the weekend the group examined some of the many layers of the lecture in an attempt to elucidate and understand some of Steiner’s pictures, ideas and views. Dr Broder von Laue was - as always - magnificent: his deep knowledge and structured thinking made the study of such a complicated lecture as The Invisible Man in Us, an enjoyable learning experience.

The participants also felt that the organisation of the course was excellent and that the balance between the learning times and the Eurythmy by Evelyn Turner and the story telling by Louise Coigley (both of them were great) was perfect.

All the participants expressed their intention to have another study seminar with Broder and, as a result, we are pleased to have organised a second weekend, in early February.

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