The Living and Learning Community at Emerson College

A new international community is starting to form on the Emerson College campus.

This community consists of individuals and families who make their homes in the residential houses and apartments and want to be part of the cultural and social life of Emerson without necessarily being current students or staff members.  The members of the Emerson Living and Learning Community are committed to:

  • Creating a supportive physical, social and cultural environment for each other;
  • Offering social, cultural and practical support to the students and staff of Emerson College and to other enterprises and activities on the Pixton site;
  • Engaging with each other and the College in an ongoing research initiative to explore and document the striving for healthy community living and mutual responsibility for the immediate environment, and to share the results of this exploration as widely as possible for the educational benefit of others.
  • The Community seeks to carry out its task by taking as its starting point an image of the human being and social life which arises out of the Anthroposophical spiritual science originated by Rudolf Steiner. This Living and Learning Community is non-incorporated but does have a formal constitution which members sign to confirm they wish to be part of the Community and contribute towards its aims, which are:
  • The cultivation of relationships that support each individual to pursue their personal path of learning and development;
  • The creation of and participation in common cultural and educational initiatives, both in collaboration with the College and separately, such as the celebration of the seasonal festivals, study and research events, collaborative dialogue and enquiry, performances and artistic activities;
  • The care and cultivation of the estate in collaboration with the College, using sustainable organic and bio-dynamic practices and methods;
  • The regular documentation and distribution of the Community’s learning experiences.

If you would like to know more, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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