Anthroposophic Psychotherapy

Course Availability: Part Time Short Courses and Workshops

 Training course in Anthroposophic Psychotherapy, Psychiatric Disorders (Children and Adults), and Psychosomatics


The next dates for this course are due to be announced shortly. To be notified, please contact course leader This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or complete the contact form below. 


       picAttachment styles and the lower senses: blackboard drawing by Henriette Dekkers

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The Course

Seven 4-day interactive seminars and 6 interim seminars, dates to be determined

This part-time modular course provides opportunities for professional development and self-knowledge.  It is integrative, holistic and bio-psycho-social-spiritual in orientation, is inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner and will extend the training of psychotherapists, counsellors and other psychological therapists who can demonstrate a capacity for postgraduate study and have experience of working with mental illness. There are a growing number of publications in the English-speaking world on this little-known approach to psychological therapy (see publications ). It has much in common with other psycho-social perspectives on human development such as attachment theory.


The course works with human developmental laws and the health-bringing potential of the human individuality with its capacity to overcome the most serious human crises. It takes the view that individual healing is essential for social healing.  


The seven interactive seminars adopt a unique community methodology to enable participants to identify with clients’ suffering and their experience of difficult and complex psychological problems; the six interim seminars that will enable participants to link their learning with their ongoing clinical practice. The course will take place over two years between 2017 and 2019 and it is estimated that it will consist of a total of 248 training hours.


Teaching on the interactive seminars will include lectures, group tutorials, discussions and workshop exercises which have been developed for training in anthroposophic psychotherapy in order to identify with patient suffering, as described in A Psychology of Human Dignity by Ad Dekkers.  


There will be a number of hand-outs regarding (1) incarnation disorders, attachment and Anthroposophy, (2) the impact of globalization on mental health, (3) the work of Rudolf Steiner concerning the dissociation of will, feeling and thought, and (4) the influence on personality disorders due to the effects on the human being at the threshold to the spiritual world. These seminars will deliver the main course content and will amount to a total of 188 hours.


The interim seminars will be concerned with consolidating the learning and linking it to practice and it is estimated that they will amount to an additional 60 hours.  


Full Course Qualification and Progression

International Certification in Anthroposophic Perspectives on Psychotherapy, Psychiatry and Psychosomatics for suitably qualified psychological therapists. Awards will be made by the Medical Section of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum.

Some psychological therapists, who successfully complete the course, may be able to apply for UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) psychotherapy registration.  A route has been successfully tried and tested by the course through an organisational member of the Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy College. This will involve extra teaching (and extra costs) over a period of six months. 



The Core Faculty consists of John Lees, the Course Leader, and Marah Evans. The original designers of the course, Ad and Henriette Dekkers, will teach on some seminars and we will also be assisted by some Visiting Lecturers such as Dr James DysonClick for staff details .  



For study commencing in 2017 please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">John Lees . It is anticipated that the details and dates of the full course will be available in summer 2016 and that booking for the course will then commence.



Dissociation as a result of trauma: blackboard drawing by Henriette Dekkers



This course will be running for the second time in the UK. The first UK course, which is still running, will be completed in 2016.  Click here to read some comments from current students. 

Since the late 1980s, Ad and Henriette Dekkers have successfully delivered the course inHolland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Israel, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. 

Students who successfully complete the course will be eligible to join the International Federation of Anthroposophic Psychotherapy Associations (IFAPA).  The Association was formed in 2012 and held its first international conference at Emerson College in June 2014: see conference report.



Comments and feedback from students:

Ad Dekkers and Henriette Dekkers-Appel complement each other to bring an experience that transcends socio-cultural boundaries and language barriers to foster deep inner transformation in a psychotherapeutic approach to the human being in the context of life, diagnosis and therapy.  The process as based on the work of Rudolf Steiner.  I am grateful for their mentoring and training!

Vasuprada Kartic, Anthroposophic Psychotherapist, India

Ad and Henriette Dekkers are very accomplished trainers as a result of many years of experience of psychotherapy practice, study and research …. as a result of their international training activities, they are very well aware of the recent developments in their field. They know how they can transfer this experience and their knowledge in a very inspiring way.

Jaques Meulman, Psychotherapist, The Netherlands

‘I recommend the courses of Ad and Henriette Dekkers ….   These courses are a profound source of academic and spiritual knowledge. They provide a state of the art training in deep psychology, an authentic presentation of the spiritual schooling path and show how to make phenomenological observations of our clients’ 

Joachim Beike, clinical psychologist, Germany

‘As a doctor, my training in anthroposophic psychotherapy, given by Ad and Henriette Dekkers …. gave me tools to go deeply into psychosomatics and psychiatry in order to understand the patient and take in account his healthy core within a framework of his historical and transgenerational dimension.’

Dr Miguel Falero, Doctor, Spain




The course is supported by Elysia Consortium for Social and Therapeutic Renewal.