Biodynamic Gardening Training

Course Availability: Full Time

A practical and theoretical introduction.

Block 1: 7 April - 18 June 2021, Block 2: 28 June - 1 Oct 2021



Our full-time, 6-month Biodynamic Gardening training at Emerson College is an in-depth, experiential introduction to Biodynamic vegetable production. 

  • Would you like to understand the fundamental principles of biodynamic agriculture and gardening?
  • Are you looking to deepen your practical skills in growing?
  • Would you like to build your confidence in biodynamic food growing - whether it be in the back garden, or making steps towards larger scale production?

This course harnesses the richness of the area through regular learning-by-doing opportunities at Emerson and on our partnering farms supporting our training - long-standing sister farms, Plaw Hatch and Tablehurst, and the neighbouring Smallholding for Education.  Throughout the course of the training, participants will benefit from content delivered by practising experts, as well as enjoy evening talks and lectures on a range of relevant subjects.  We will pay regular visits to other surrounding inspirational holdings, including a week-long course trip further afield. 



This training is suitable for complete beginners as well as those who may be seeking a refresher course. It is particularly suitable for those who wish to have an experiential exploration of their interest in biodynamic gardening, both practically and theoretically.


  • A thorough experiential and theoretical understanding of biodynamics
  • The basic practical skills and confidence required to grow vegetables on a small or large scale
  • The opportunity to learn from and work alongside practising experts who are passionately supporting the vitality of life and health from the soil to the stars
  • Inspiration from visiting unique settings where biodynamics is applied, and where the purpose extends outside of the classic focus on production. This is likely to include therapeutic settings, nature conservation, schools, and growing for a restaurant
  • The experience of being part of an international community where they can live, work and learn from and alongside their peers
  • The experience oneself as part of a living whole through growing and eating locally produced food as well as through developing observational skills through artistic work



Participants need to be:

  • 18+
  • Undaunted by sometimes hard, physical work.
  • As flexible as the weather! The very nature of working in the outdoor environment makes one susceptible to changes of plan according to weather, urgency of tasks...etc. We will have a weekly schedule which we will adhere to as much as possible, while remaining flexible to change as needed.
  • Open and willing. As this training emphasises the practical and participants will be given real experience working with production gardeners, openness and willingness to engage with the current task laid out by the grower is a must.

The College will follow its access and recruitment policy to ensure equality and diversity in recruitment for this programme






  • biodynamic preparations
  • soil health
  • compost 
  • green manure
  • crop rotation
  • propagation
  • planting
  • plant growth 
  • nurturing and protecting crops from pests and diseases
  • harvesting
  • fruit production
  • herbs
  • flowers
  • seeds
  • rhythm of the year: year-round crops
  • patterns of the earth and stars as explored with practical geometry using compass and straight-edge 
  • cultivating awareness through plant observation 
  • wildlife 

Small individual plot for participants to experiment and explore however they wish throughout the training.

During the second half of the course you will be given time and space to explore an individual project, with guidance by a suitable mentor



Students are required to take 4-week online Course - Introduction to BD
Course fee: £50



BLOCK 1 – Wednesday, 7th April 2021 – Friday, 18th June 2021 (10.5 weeks)

Course Fees: £1,250

Deposit: a non-refundable deposit of £200 is part of your tuition fee to be paid within 14 days from receiving your official acceptance on the course. You are not fully confirmed on the course until this deposit is received. The remaining course costs are due by 10 Feb 2021.


BLOCK 2 – Monday, 28th June 2021 – Friday, 1st October 2021 (14 weeks)

Course fees: £2,100 or £2,000 if fees paid upfront with the deposit

Deposit: a non-refundable deposit of £300 is part of your tuition fee to be paid within 14 days from receiving your official acceptance on the course. You are not fully confirmed on the course until this deposit is received.

Option 1*
£1,700 to be paid with deposit

Option 2*
£1,800 to be paid in 2 instalments:
1st Instalment of £900 by 10th Feb 2021
2nd Instalment of £900 by 10th April 2021 

*These prices do not include Emerson College residential accommodation and meals, travel or course specific material. 







You will find all the necessary application information available to download in the 'Booking Information' column in the top, right-hand-side of this page. 

To apply you will need to fill out all of the forms; Application form, Health Statement and Reference Template and email them along with any supporting documents (listed in the main application form) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The programme has a limit of 16 places.  Applications will be considered in order of receipt and Emerson reserves the right to refuse a place.

The application process, from Emerson’s receipt of completed application and deposit to final acceptance or rejection of application, will normally take 3 weeks.  However, this can be delayed if supporting documents are delayed.  Candidates will receive email acknowledgement of receipt of their application within 3 working days of receipt. 


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