Trude Lauksund

Lead Gardener

She lived most of her life in Vesterålen, a group of islands on the cost of northern Norway, 300 miles above the arctic circle. Despite the harsh climate, a longing to grow plants developed, and for many years, she filled her garden with beautiful flowers and vegetables. 

When her youngest child left for university she made a big leap: she decided to not just garden as a hobby, but to do this full time.
She did her biodynamic training at Emerson College, and was an apprentice at Tablehurst Farm the year after.
She still lives at Tablehurst Farm, where she shares the task of being house parent in Tablehurst Care home with her partner Torsten.
She is always on a quest for what is going on in the soil and passionate about growing healthy and tasty biodynamic vegetables for Emerson kitchen, and loads of beautiful flowers for everyone to enjoy.

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