Foundations of Anthroposophic Medicine Diploma

Course Availability: Part Time

Anthroposophic Medicine

Designed for registered medical practioners
but open to other health care professionals.


New Three-Year Training in

Foundations of Anthroposophic Medicine 

First Seminar: 22nd - 24th Oct 2019, (Second Seminar 22nd - 24th Nov 2019)

A Part-Time, Three-Year Training consisting of six seminars in each year with a strongly experiential character.

This Crossfields Institute Quality Mark programme has been designed primarily for qualified practising medical doctors to be taken alongside their professional work. It teaches elements of the spiritual scientific methodology which underlies anthroposophic medicine. 

Five Day Residential Intensive Taster

At Emerson College

26th – 30th June 2019

With the topics of Medicinal Plant Study, the Metals,
Obstetrics and Gynaecology - an anthroposophic approach.
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The training encompasses methods of studying the human being and nature that extend reductionist science beyond objective observation to re-include the observer’s subjective responses.  

Inner exercises are explored that can be taken up as elements of a spiritual path that can sustain and inspire the health care professional

The training will give physicians the basis of extending their understanding of their patients beyond the current materialistically biased medicine emphasising the patient’s spirit, psychology and bodily resilience.

The training provides a foundation for prescribing natural medicines and a range of non- medicinal therapies. These have been shown in general practice to radically reduce the prescribing of antibiotics and other groups of conventional medicines, while improving patient satisfaction.

Ideal for physicians looking to:

  • Develop a comprehensive perception of patients and illness that encompasses body, soul and spirit.
  • Form a new relationship to medicines and their source materials through plant and mineral studies.
  • Experience how art supplements science and widens understanding.
  • Discover new methods of study that stimulate and motivate personal learning.
  • Explore exercises and meditations that support personal development in relationship to medical work.


Medical Plant Study Medical Course  Goungzhou1DSC01321



(Based on 2016-19 Training)

Year One Seminars
1. The Four Elements – Spiritual Biography
2. Four Kingdoms of Nature and the Four Elements – Conditions for Spiritual Development
3. Projective Geometry and Living Morphology
4. Qualitative Anatomy – Four Organs – Six Soul Exercises
5. Medicinal Plant Studies- Meeting Patients – Anthroposophic Text Study, Eight fold Path – The Positive Role of Fever
6. Anthroposophic Pharmacy – Alchemical Tria Principle – Art Work- Medical Meditation

Year Two Seminars
1. Child and Personality Development – Keys to Resilience or Vulnerability – Biography Work
2. Mental Health – Neurosis - Eurythmy Therapy
3. Mental Health – Psychosis – Clay Modelling Therapy
4. Cancer, Fever and Mistletoe Therapy
5. Medicinal Plant Study, External Treatment, Meeting Patients
6. Anthroposophic Pharmacy – the Metals and Planets

Year Three Seminars
1. Anthroposophic Paediatrics- Eurythmy Therapy
2. Practical Prescribing, Manufacture of Anthroposophic Medicines
3. Hypertension and Sepsis – Anthroposophic perspectives
4. Rheumatology, Endochrinology, Diabetology-Anthroposophic perspectives – Michael and Raphael Schools
5. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Anthroposophic perspectives, Medicinal Plant Study
6. Celtic Spirituality and Future Spirituality and Medicine, Ita Wegman & Rudolf Steiner in the British Isles



The annual course tuition fee is payable in advance. A 50% non-returnable deposit is required with the registration form (inserted) and the remainder at the start of the training. The training contributes to the attainment of a Certificate as an Anthroposophic Physician awarded by the Anthroposphic Medical Association with the international criteria of the Medical Section of the School for Spiritual Science Switzerland. The Faculty are in contact with the Medical Section, regarding the long-term international validation of the training. CPD Certificates of Attendance are issued for each component seminar.



Seminars are mainly held in Stroud at St Luke’s Therapy Center. The five day summer intensive is often at Emerson College in Sussex. The course is organisationally part of Emerson College and endorsed by Crossfields Institute.


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