Dr Michael Evans, Dr James Dyson and colleagues

Tutors for British Training in Anthroposophic Medicine

james dysonDr. James Dyson was a co-founder of Park Attwood Clinic where he worked from 1979 to 2003. He has practised as a doctor in Steiner Waldorf Schools and in centres for social therapy. His areas of special interest are developmental psychology and adult mental health and he is a regular contributor to anthroposophic therapeutic trainings in this country and the US. He is a faculty member of the Medical Section Seminar on Mental Health.


michael evansDr Michael Evans was a co-founder of Park Attwood Clinic and an NHS GP based at St Luke’s Medical Centre, Stroud for 25 years. He now has a small private practice at the centre. He teaches in China and in the International Postgraduate Anthroposophic Medical Training, in the Philippines. He is a faculty member of the Medical Section Seminar on Mental Health and has a particular interest in experiential adult learning.



Picture5Dr Andrew Maendl was an NHS GP at the Helios Medical Centre in Bristol, a centre which he pioneered over more than 30 years, integrating therapies into an NHS practice. He now works there on a private basis.




Picture4Anna Hubbard studied with Vera Taberner at the Fox Elms Training in the late 1980’s graduating as an Anthroposophical Artistic Therapist. She orked for many years at Wynstones Waldorf School and a number of Camphill Communities. Anna initiated and ran the Arts Foundation Course in Stroud for 12 years. She taught drawing and art at Hibernia College while maintaining a private practice in Stroud.



Specialist Contributors may be invited as key contributors in some sessions.