Dr Tessabella Lovemore

Anthroposophic Psychotherapy

Tessabella Lovemore PhD is a lecturer on the course

Tessabella is a certified Anthroposophic Child and Family Therapist. Her expertise is behavioural and developmental psychology, childhood psychopathology and relational effects. Since 1996 Tessabella has had a private practice as an Education Consultant working mainly with the parents and teachers of children presenting problems in school. Tessabella also has 20 years of experience as a Steiner Waldorf teacher teaching children of all ages and ability, including children with emotional and behaviour problems. It was the suffering of these children and their families that inspired her to train as a counsellor and to study the connections between behaviour, learning and relationships. She also lectures widely on developmental issues including the development of love. See www.tessabellalovemore.com.




The course is supported by Elysia Consortium for Social and Therapeutic Renewal



The Elysia Consortium for Social and Therapeutic Renewal is a constellation of organisations and individuals working to a common purpose: the healing and renewal of human beings and society. Its task is to foster, support and promote access points to anthroposophic health care, offering reflective consciousness through consultation and training.