Students and community

Who studies here?

People of all ages and from all over the world come to study and learn as part of the Emerson community. Emerson’s student body typically comprises about 20% students from the UK, 35% from European countries and 45% from non-European countries, so a wide variety of cultures and languages is represented. The age-range of students spans the full scale of adulthood, from young adults recently emerged from secondary education to older adults with a lifetime of experience to share. Course content will be experienced quite differently according to the perspective of one’s stage in life, and sharing these perspectives  is  an important part of the learning that goes on.

Students come to learn and develop their understanding of a broad range of issues. They often bring underlying questions around "what does it mean to be human in our time?", "how can I / we develop responsible and sustainable ways of working with the earth, and each other?" Emerson is often a place people come to find what their true questions are, and to take next steps to develop meaningful work out of a fuller understanding of their own and the world's needs.

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Note: Students coming from outside the UK and EU are required to have a visa. For more information, click here to see our helpful visa guidelines. 

Learning community

Students, staff, faculty and residents together form a rich and diverse learning community. Through formal and informal meetings and collaborative work members of the community cultivate on ongoing process of inquiry about its work, methods and practice. The aim is be continuous learners, deepening and renewing insights and creativity to act wisely and responsibly in the world.

In 2015 the Emerson Living and Learning Community was formed as a new concept for sustainable living and social development which responds to the needs of humanity at a time when there are many concerns about the way we live together and relate to nature.  You can read more about it here..

Life on campus

The campus of Emerson College is home to many students and some staff and their families. We try to maintain a quality of life on campus which respects and reflects this. Students and community members are invited to help once a term with our estate working day and, if they take meals at the College, once a week with lunch set up and wash up. Through working together, we become a community with a shared purpose. 

Everyone who lives, works, studies or visits Emerson College benefits from the learning community here. Many people contribute to the social life of the college with performances in storytelling, music and drama as well as evening and weekend activities, festival celebrations, lectures and visits.

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