Barbara Folegati

Kitchen Manager and Chef

Barbara is the Kitchen Manager and Chef in the Pixton House kitchen.  When she first came to Emerson College she had a brief introduction to the kitchen working as an assistant to the chef. It was a role she enjoyed and so, when she returned to the College, she was pleased to be offered the role of Kitchen Manager and Chef.

Barbara has travelled widely and so she is familiar with food and meals across many different countries, as a result her cuisine is truly international and she is able to understand and cater for the needs of different people.

All of the meals produced in the Pixton House are vegetarian; we can also cater for special dietary requirements such as gluten and dairy free, or vegan. Barbara plans the week’s menus in advance with a well-balanced selection of proteins, grains, fruits and vegetables.  She loves nature and gardening so she enjoys all the process of transforming and preserving the food.  As far as possible each of the ingredients is either biodynamic and/or organic so each meal is of very high quality.

Barbara believes she adds a vital ingredient to her cooking – love - because if you put goodwill into the preparation of the food the meal will come out with a better energy. Why not try Barbara’s cooking for yourself and see what you think?