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  • Barbara Folegati Barbara Folegati

    Kitchen Manager and Chef

    Barbara is the Kitchen Manager and Chef in the Pixton House kitchen.

  • Deborah Gravelle-Watts Deborah Gravelle-Watts

    Head of Educational Administration

    Deborah Gravelle-Watts ensures that Emerson's educational administration is transparent, clear and consistent.

  • Francesca Profeti Francesca Profeti

    House Manager

    Previously a student at Emerson College, Francesca returned recently to take over as House Manager, ensuring the smooth running of the Emerson College household.

  • Steve Briault Steve Briault

    Director of Development

    Steve supports and coordinates the development of the Emerson Living and Learning Community and is responsible for the College’s capital assets and finances.

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  • Udo Ottow Udo Ottow

    Head of Site Management

    Udo manages the maintenance of Emerson's buildings and campus, as well as taking a hands-on role in much of the maintenance work.

  • Yvette Dellsperger Yvette Dellsperger

    Director of Operations

    Yvette Dellsperger manages Emerson's facilities and works with the house team to give all those staying at the College have a warm and comfortable experience.

Udo Ottow

Head of Site Management

Udo came to Emerson College in September 2012 to help build the new Pixton  atic flats. His background is in the therapeutic and building and construction fields, in Germany and the USA.  Udo spent 20 Years in Camphill, and was the founder of a new Camphill Affiliate in the USA. His work has focused on building, designing and remodeling of new constructions and existing buildings. He has extensive experience in community building, plus seven years social therapeutic work on a biodynamic farm in southern Germany. He is happy to be on board at Emerson.

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