We are looking forward to welcoming you to Emerson College where we are doing everything we can to create a safe environment. We would be grateful if you could help us and your fellow students by following our new operational procedures as outlined in this document. We are following the government guidelines and are also putting extra measures in place to give you confidence that you are in a secure environment.

For those of you who have been to the college before, it will feel and look a bit different to what you have been used to and we ask you to respect the new procedures. We feel confident at Emerson College that all students will still experience the Emerson magic and will feel nourished from taking part in our courses.

Please note our new protocol:

Prior to arrival

You will be asked to self-declare that you do not feel ill 48 hours prior to arrival and asked to sign a waiver in advance of your arrival.

If you travel from abroad to the UK you will be asked to confirm that you are following government advice on self-isolation if entering from certain countries. It is not possible to enter our campus until you have completed the self-isolation period, if one is necessary.

We request that you are respectful of Emerson College’s staff’s wellbeing as well as that of your fellow students and bear in mind that some people you encounter may be anxious about COVID-19 while at Emerson. We request that you wear a face covering in public areas inside buildings and, if you wish, gloves as well. Face coverings are not required for walks in our garden, but please maintain the 2 metre social distancing.

We provide hand sanitiser throughout the buildings for your use but you may also want to bring your own for personal use.

Upon arrival

Upon arrival make your way to Reception. Please wear your face covering upon entering. You will be welcomed by a member of staff and asked to sign in; we will need your details as per government guidelines for the NHS Test and Trace reporting protocols. If there is a queue ahead of you, please maintain social distancing of at least 2 metres. 

Your room key will be in your bedroom door to minimise contact between you and our staff. You will be given directions. Please make sure that you are able to carry your own luggage. 

If you book accommodation on campus, you are asked to arrive between 4 and 6pm for all courses starting with supper. Supper is served at 18.15 and you should check in and get the directions to your accommodation before supper. If you are delayed inform our Reception on 01342 822238.

If you are not booked for accommodation or supper you must arrive before 6pm for registration or if your course starts earlier, please arrive an hour before the course starts.  If you send us the signed waiver in advance, you will not be requested to sign in at reception on arrival

During your stay

You will be allocated a shower room to use during your stay or you will need to sign up on a shower rota. We request that you only use the facilities allocated to you. All showers will be cleaned, aired and sanitised after breakfast and will be closed for the rest of the day. Toilets will be cleaned at regular intervals during the day for continual use.

The small kitchens in student houses will be closed. Unfortunately, self-catering is no longer possible. If you have a special diet or allergy we may come to an arrangement that you can use a kitchen on your own. Please, discuss with Reception at the point of booking otherwise we will not be able to support your needs.

We will provide bedding and towels. Most bedrooms have a basin in the bedroom or you will be allocated your own.

Please bring your own water bottle, a torch, your own soap and toiletries for personal use. We also recommend that you bring warm clothes as we will air rooms more often. Some of the doors will open directly into the gardens and we recommend good shoes and waterproofs. Unfortunately, our library is closed, but the bookshop remains open. WIFI is available in some classrooms and Pixton, but not in bedrooms. Please, bring your own device if you need one during your stay.

We have small corridors in some of our houses and ask you to maintain 2 metre distance and wear a face cover when moving in public areas.

Break times and meals

Our house team will bring refreshments to your classroom and we recommend that you take a short stroll through our garden. You don’t need to wear face coverings in the garden, unless you prefer to.

Please, use hand sanitisers before taking refreshments, entering and leaving the dining room.

Meals will be served in Pixton. Please wear your face cover when entering and maintain 2 metres to the person before you. Pixton is set out with a one-way system and you will leave the dining room through the garden. We will direct you to your dining place. Once everybody is seated our cooks will announce the meal, say a short blessing and serve each person. If you have pre-ordered a vegan or gluten free dish you will be able to communicate with the cooks when they serve. The dining room will be cleaned thoroughly after each use.

At the end of your stay

We would be grateful if you could strip your bed linen at the end of your stay, put it in the linen bag provided and hang your towel over the radiator. Your help will limit the house keepers’ contact with linens. Please, leave the key on the desk and close the window. All rooms need to be vacated by 9am. If you need to store your luggage, leave it in the entrance to your classroom and take all valuables with you.

We will be very happy to receive your feedback and we will continue to improve our procedures and adjust to any new government guidelines. Emerson College has been closed since the end of March and we have maintained our beautiful gardens with the help of volunteers, our vegetable garden is full of delicious produce and we are very much looking forward to welcoming you back.

August 2020