Event Details

  • When: Monday, 31 August 2020
  • Dates: Monday 31/08/2020 to Friday 18/09/2020

    Times: 8.30am to 4.30pm with sessions in the evening after supper.

    Welcome supper on the 30/08/2020

    Where: Emerson College

    Fees: £1850*

    *Payable in installments 



    To apply for the course please email Chiara Carones  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




A Three-week Creative Residency Programme for Professional Storytellers.

Are you an experienced storyteller?

Do you have a storyteller vision you would like to develop?

CREATIVE LAB is a NEW three-week residency programme from our Storytelling Beyond Words course leaders Roi Gal-Or and Karmit Evenzur. 

It offers storytellers and activists an ideal environment, nourishment and encouragement to work on developing their creative projects. Places will be limited and open by application to eight storytellers who are working on a specific performance or storyteller related project. We will be offering creative input, collaborative heart and brainstorming sessions, mentoring, and coaching as well as guidance in developing a strategy for publicity and promotion of the work.

COVID 19 Update: If the lock down situation and travel restrictions will allow it, our intention is to go ahead with the Programme with the same dates - 30th August till 18th September. If that was not possible because of Government restrictions, we are looking at alternative dates to run the residency: 18 Jan – 7 Feb 2021. 

'The SBW creative lab program and Storytelling Beyond Words 13-week storytelling training from which it is developed, is committed to training and creatively supporting those who wish to become - Imagineurs; imagination entrepreneurs, contemporary storytellers who dedicate their work to serve the living Earth, nature, and humanity in meeting with courage and imagination the challenges of these epic times we have been born into. We look forward to receiving your application.' With warm wishes Karmit Evenzur and Roi Gal-Or

Storytellers have traditionally played an important part in the social fabric of their communities. They foster social cohesion by bringing people together through live encounters, and are able to address a wide variety of social issues through metaphor and imagination. Contemporary storytellers can play a role in revitalizing community life, bring into focus social injustices, shift public attitudes and offer new ways of looking at things. 

Our team of mentors and coaches will work closely with each participant to develop a storytelling performance coupled with socially engaging activities relevant to the area of social impact they are working with. We will offer tailored guidance in areas such as group facilitation, creation of social exercises and games, marketing and publicity strategy as well as coaching of performance skills to further develop storyteller’s artistic excellence. 

Each individual project will be given support in taking root in a variety of public settings as we will help them identify and make partnerships with relevant social sectors and organizations that can benefit from their project. A wide audience base will thus benefit from the artistic work, which will be placed within varied communities rather than strictly cultural spaces. Participatory art, in the way we work with it, creates a cultural engagement in areas where there is low provisions, in service of social change. 

Roi Gal-Or and Karmit Even-Zur who will be running the SBW Creative Lab, have collaborated over the past 10 years to develop programs such as Healing Words: The Creative Power of the Imagination, as well as our 13 week full time storytelling course Storytelling Beyond Words. Many of their students have gone on to develop work and perform worldwide. One student, for example, created a performance weaving the Indian epic tale of the Ramayana, set in the Dandakar Forest, India, with a contemporary story of an Adivasi activist who has fought the legal rights of her people against a mining company in the very same forest.

Roi Gal-Or has taught the art and craft of the storyteller to thousands of people around the world for the past 18 years. He has taught at the University of Sussex, Youth Initiative Program in Sweden, Medecins Sans Frontiers, amongst many other places. Roi was awarded the Willson Hinkes Peace award in 2011 and since 2017 is pioneering a storytelling project in Jerusalem.

Karmit Even Zur runs an Artist Residency in the South of Spain, called Bee Time funded by national and European bodies, and has many years of experience of working with creatives in developing work relating to environmental issues. She has initiated a varied number of projects relating to rural life, memories of place and intergenerational stories.