Governance - Structure

The Emerson College Trust Ltd is a charitable company which was incorporated in 1967. The members of this charitable company form the Association, which is the carrying body. The Association appoints Directors (usually referred to as Trustees).

The Trustees are responsible for the management of the Charity’s assets and for ensuring that the Charity works to the purpose for which it was founded. They appoint the senior management team to make this work possible, through administration, providing hosting for courses and students, through course development and developing the assets in line with the purpose of the Trust.

Course leaders are responsible for running courses that work out of the ethos of the College. Most courses are run by the College and the course leaders are employed by the College. There are some courses that are institutionally separate. Together they form a faculty, which liaises with Emerson's management for the practical running of the College. The faculty also formulates and discusses the pedagogical principles of the College in dialogue with the world’s needs. The Head of Educational Development has the task of bringing new courses to the College and of working to assure the quality of existing ones.

Trustees, management, staff and faculty work together to embody the values of community and inquiry that underly all aspects of Emerson's work.