English as a Foreign Language

Course Availability: Short Courses and Workshops

The course is for people who want to immerse themselves in the English language, and at the same time improve their knowledge of English culture.


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New dates for 2018: start date is 2/07/2018 to 19/07/2018, students can arrive on the 1/07/2018 and leave on the 20/07/2018.

The course will include: 

  • a study of grammar and an expansion of vocabulary
  • meeting different teachers who each bring different qualities of the language
  • developing greatly improved pronunciation                       

The programme will be delivered by more than one teacher. One teacher in the morning will focus on the grammar and the other in the afternoon will focus on the practical application of the language, using drama, games, poetry and the study of current affairs.

The course content is kept alive by the use of themes, such as, “everyday activities”, “life stories”, “in the media”, “polite requests”, and many more.

  • Emphasis will be placed on speaking and comprehension.
  • Tutors are available for individual support, and the building of confidence in the language.

The programme offers lessons from Monday to Thursday from 9 to 12am and 2 to 4pm

For more information about prices and dates for the next course either complete your details on the form or call the course co-ordinator, Bonina Moran. 

Contact details: School of English Tel: 00441342 327122  email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Emerson is pleased to host The School of English,  an independent educational initiative. Emerson College is not responsible for the content or delivery of courses run by The School of English.


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Some recent comments from the last course, run in July 2015:


"My best moment was when we worked with newspapers and real facts" (M.Jorge, Brazil)

"My best moment was having my birthday with a cake made by the teacher" (I.Esteban, Spain)

"I especially enjoyed the games where I had to talk and explain something and I liked also the reading time" (G.Montanari, Italy).

"I especially enjoyed the guessing games". (B.Perceval, Paris)

"My best moment was when I played the guitar and sang with my colleagues. I especially enjoyed the conversation about our habits and the differences about our different countries, they were very interesting. (A.Mario, Italty).


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"The teachers met my expectations and we did a lot of reading and speaking exercises. That was exactly what I was looking for". (G.Montanari, Italy).

"The teachers were excellent! They met my expectations and needs". (M.Jorge, Brazil)

"Yes, they were fantastic! Thanks for your attention, your patience and your good mood". (B.Perceval, Paris)

"The teachers were very nice and thoughtful about our requests and needs. They met my expectations (A.Mario, Italy).

"The teachers were very thoughtful with my difficulties and teaching methods were very interesting, relaxing and enjoyful". (M.Vieira, Brazil).


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"My accommodation with my family in Forest Row was really nice and I would like to come back again next year".(I.Esteban, Spain).

"I was very happy with my accommodation. The family was very nice and the house not far from the College. I think what I paid was little for what I had" (A.Mario)

"I was very happy with my accommodation and my hostess was very careful with me and the house was very good!"(M.Vieira, Brazil)

"I was very happy with my accommmodation: My hostess  was very kind and caring. Both the house and my bedroom were very nice". (G.Montanari, Italy).