Mandalas of the World

Mandalas of the World

When: 13.09.17

A series of Wednesday evening classes exploring sacred patterns and mandalas of the world.

The Craft of Storytelling

The Craft of Storytelling

When: 13.10.17

Explore the Art and Craft of the storyteller: a 4 weekend course with Roi Gal-Or.

Autobiographical Storytelling: a four long weekend course
with Roi Gal-Or 
- Telling autobiographical and personal life tales.

The Storyteller at Play

The Storyteller at Play

When: 17.11.17

A weekend workshop of creative storytelling with Ashley Ramsden.

Arts and Biography weekend workshop -- ‘Paint, Clay, Myth and Mystery‘ 

Therapeutic Insights: Lecture II 

'Understanding the laws of the four elements is the bridge between the physical world and the true spiritual world.'

The fourth and final of our Saturday workshops exploring Goethe’s approach to natural science.

With Dr Philip Kilner

FILM: The Last Harvest

FILM: The Last Harvest

When: 27.11.17

We are very sorry to annouce that we have had to postpone this screening of The Last Harvest.  We warmly invite you to check back in the new year when we will be publishing new dates.

A Weekend Storytelling Course with Simon Heywood and Shonaleigh.

We will look at sources of folk tales in the public domain - how to find them, use them, choose between them.

Learn the alchemy and processes involved in making your own set of watercolour and gouache paints in this week long course.

Earthwards is Jehanne Mehta, Rob Mehta and Will Mercer. 

This 8 day course will merge the boundaries between different art forms with an aim of bringing to life concepts of relationship and transformation.

A Biography Workshop with Margli & Paul Matthews

Arts and Biography weekend workshop -- 'Revealing a Vision of our ‘Inner Portraits‘ through the Mystery and Wisdom of Colour'.

Therapeutic Insights: Lecture III 

'Embryonic development – and its connection with hallucination, fantasia and true Imagination.'

The meaning of words we speak make up 10-15 % of any human communication, Tone, rhythm, articulation, resonance and gesture communicate far more.

An inspiring weekend workshop - 'Inner and Outer Journey through the seasons of our life' 

Therapeutic Insights: Lecture IV 

'Mental illnesses and their relation to the pre-earthly life.'

‘Man, Know Yourself‘

A weekend workshop exploring Old and New Mystery Paths of Initiation through Anthroposophical Art and Therapy as way of Knowledge in Modern Times. 

Therapeutic Insights: Lecture V

'Our individual spiritual past is living in our thinking and remembering, our spiritual future has to be build out of knowledge, how Ahriman and Lucifer are working in our soul and in our Etheric body.'