A Year’s Journey: Four seasonal weekends of foraging, fire by friction, cooking food and conjuring tales with Fergus Drennan.

4 weekends of in-depth exploration of storytelling, voice, movement, connection, improvisation, authenticity and presence: with Roi Gal-or.

An Introduction to the World of Storytelling with Ashley Ramsden.

A three-day course exploring the philosophy and practice of labyrinths with Daniel Docherty.



When: 25.10.20

So you’ve begun your journey as a storyteller but what is the territory ahead?

Sacred Geometry and the Art of Hexagonal Basketry with Daniel Docherty. A day long course exploring the fundamentals of Sacred Geometry in 2D/ 3D.

A two-day course with Ameet Hindocha exploring √2 grid systems and the Silver Ratio.

Exploring the Geometric Genius of Persian master craftsmen with Daniel Doherty.

A creative and inspiring storytelling journey of weaving together traditional and personal stories into one performance. with Roi Gal-Or.

A life-changing two-day course with Daniel Docherty.

Join Daniel Docherty and Sheetle Shah for this practical two-day course exploring sacred pattern and the art of henna.

Learn the alchemy and processes involved in making your own set of watercolour and gouache paints in this week long course with Daniel Docherty and David Cranswick PhD.

A short course exploring sacred patterns and mandalas of the world with Daniel Docherty.

A journey of inner spiritual development and “Learning by Doing” with Inessa Burdich MSc