An imaginative dive into the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone for new knowledge and practice to nurture ‘decision making’ with Stella Kassimati and Maria Zourari.

This is the ideal course to lead you out of lockdown and into something completely new, something you’ve never done before, but want to start now: Storytelling! With Stella Kassimati

Join Stella Kassimati and Giovanna Conforto to explore, through myth, ways to deepen our connection and strengthen our love for Nature.

Join Fergus Drennan and Arthur Dyer for a weekend of Fire, Foraging & Folktales, exploring flowers, seeds and spontaneous storytelling.

Give yourself a weekend in the world of storytelling with Ashley Ramsden.

Join Roi Gal-Or to explore the nature of what it means to be truly connected.

A Three-week Creative Residency Programme for Professional Storytellers.

4 weekends of in-depth exploration of storytelling, voice, movement, connection, improvisation, authenticity and presence: with Roi Gal-or.

An Introduction to the World of Storytelling with Ashley Ramsden.

Biographical Storytelling:4 weekends of in-depth exploration of the magical and transformative art of telling personal true-life stories. With Roi Gal-or

Enliven your immuity and strengthen your health, heart and hope in this creative online course with storytellers Nancy Mellon and Ashley Ramsden.



When: 10.10.21

So you’ve begun your journey as a storyteller but what is the territory ahead?

An investigation into the nature of our time with Ashley Ramsden and Stella Kassimati.

A creative and inspiring storytelling journey of weaving together traditional and personal stories into one performance. with Roi Gal-Or.