Lifeways 2017

Lifeways 2017

When: 23.07.17

Lifeways 2017 will take place from

Sunday 23 July to Saturday 29 July 2017 



A six day summer arts and science retreat from 4 – 9 August 2017.

Social Clowning

Social Clowning

When: 16.08.17

This week long residential clowning course from 6-11 August offers a practical exploration of the clown’s take on personal, social and political issues.

Further practice of clowning with the focus on structure and relationship during this week long residential course from 20-26 August.

Two days of afternoon workshops with Cecilia Chitarroni

Once Upon a Lifetime

Once Upon a Lifetime

When: 22.10.17

 The meeting place of personal and traditional wonder tales. 

A fortnight long course with Roi Gal-Or from Sun 22/10 (14:00) - Fri 03/11/17 (14:00).

A three-and-a-half-day workshop led by Harmut Warm.

Therapeutic Insights: Lecture II 

'Understanding the laws of the four elements is the bridge between the physical world and the true spiritual world.'

Therapeutic Insights: Lecture III 

'Embryonic development – and its connection with hallucination, fantasia and true Imagination.'

Therapeutic Insights: Lecture IV 

'Mental illnesses and their relation to the pre-earthly life.'

Therapeutic Insights: Lecture V

'Our individual spiritual past is living in our thinking and remembering, our spiritual future has to be build out of knowledge, how Ahriman and Lucifer are working in our soul and in our Etheric body.'