Event Details

  • When: Friday, 05 October 2018
  • Date: Friday 5th October

    Time: 7.30pm

    Where:  Foundation Room, Emerson College

    Entrance is free, but at the end of the evening donations to cover costs, and in support of the accompanying musicians would be welcome. 

BOOK LAUNCH: This Naked Light

BOOK LAUNCH: This Naked Light

Paul Matthews invites you to join him for an evening of poetry, music and discourse.

Paul Matthews, poet, and tutor of Creative Writing has had a long connection to Emerson College where he currently contributes to the School of Storytelling.

During this launch of his new book, Paul will speak his poems, spinning anecdotes around them and inviting responses. Sarah Lett (and others) will accompany the event with music and song.

Copies of the book, THIS NAKED LIGHT (published by Matador) will be available for £10, and its author happy to sign them.

The book has five movements:

Conflagrations: The tongue is a fire, both for love and destruction. 

Habitations: How can we feel at home if our things don’t speak to us or we fail to inhabit our moments?

Adorations: The women portrayed by Botticelli, Blake, Rembrandt and Vermeer step from their gilded frames and their light plays freely. 

Dedications: A handshake is a holy place. Words are made new in our attention to each other.

Distillations: Dew gleams on oak leaves and the flanks of horses as the ‘I’ grows quiet. To speak the essential name of a thing is our peculiar pain and privilege. 


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About Paul Matthews

Paul’s poetry has been published widely in journals, and his two books on the creative process, ‘Sing Me the Creation’ and ‘Words in Place’ are available from Hawthorn Press. ‘The Ground that Love Seeks’ and ‘Slippery Characters’ (Five Seasons Press) are earlier collections of his poetry. He was the co-founder of ‘Poetry OtherWise’,a well-loved gathering which over many summers fostered the life of language and imagination in community. Details of ‘This Naked Light’can be found on the Matador website.

'Rooted simultaneously in language and soul, these poems have an uncommon warmth that lies in the ‘heart tradition’ of English poetry at its best.' ~ Jay Ramsay (poet, healer and psychotherapist)

'You have a remarkable ability to balance levity with gravity; profundity is present yet conveyed with a light, deft touch.' ~ Fiona Owen (poet, and poetry editor of Scintilla)

'Every word in your book is a vitamin bomb, quiet and delicious.' ~ Svetlana Lavochkina (novelist and poet)