Event Details

  • When: Friday, 13 April 2018
  • Dates: Friday 13th April 

    Time: 8.00pm

    Event Tickets: General Admission £10 (£8 Concessions)

    Where: Ruskin Hall, Emerson College, Forest Row, RH18 5JX

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    Susan is also hosting a two day workshop which follows on from the topics covered in this talk, and takes place on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th April.  Click here for more details...

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TALK & CONCERT: Songs & Stories from the Nature Spirits of Mid-Wales

TALK & CONCERT: Songs & Stories from the Nature Spirits of Mid-Wales

An evening with Satch and Susan Raven

There is a dynamic intelligence in everything around us. With reverence, gratitude, admiration and a child-like wonder we can access this intelligence as it sounds through the world of Nature. If we harmonise our consciousness with the Nature Spirits inhabiting this realm, they teach us. They take us into a place of profound Love and Wisdom which can be both endearing and shattering at the same time. The perceiver and the perceived become one, and a living experience of the phenomenon takes place. In this sacred exchange there is great opportunity for the human being to receive a precious gift of inspiration. No matter what your craft, be it science, art or debate, the Nature Spirits are waiting for a co-creative relationship with an awake and aware humanity. But we have to reach out to them...

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 About Susan Raven

In this talk and performance, Susan will be recounting her experiences with the Nature Spirits of the uplands of mid-Wales. She and her partner Satch will also be performing songs inspired by the elemental kingdom of this wild and beautiful landscape. 

Susan Raven is an author, speaker and singer-songwriter from mid-Wales. She is a long-time student of Anthroposophy and she regularly gives talks on the work of Rudolf Steiner at festivals and venues around the country. Her book Nature Spirits: The Remembrance; A Guide to the Elemental Kingdom (Clairview Books) has received many favourable reviews including reviews in Cygnus, Caduceus, Nexus and The Star & Furrow magazines. 

Susan has also released two albums, 'Glittering Cities' and 'Ravensong'. Her songs have been described as beautiful and insightful, and an enduring study of esoteric literature has infused her lyrics with a distinctive mystical and spiritual quality. Susan's music has been played on BBC radio and many other local stations. To listen, visit www.susanraven.com

Here is an example of the kind of music we will be including in the evening talk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbJIfdUtC7g