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  • When: Thursday, 31 May 2018
  • Time: 8.00pm

    Event Tickets: General Admission £8 (£6 Concessions)

    Where: Ruskin Hall, Emerson College, Forest Row, RH18 5JX

    Event Booking:  Click here to book your place for the talk

PERFORMANCE: From Land to Land

PERFORMANCE: From Land to Land

Join the NOVALIS Eurythmy Ensemble for an evening performance of 'Land to Land'.

Travelling from 'land to land', this program aimed at middle and upper school pupils, as well as adults, invites the audience on an awakening journey along a path, through a tale over great oceans, from ignorance to wisdom, from strife to laughter, from childhood to adulthood and back into the depths of our most human essence. At the heart of the program lies S. T. Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner (abridged). Other poetry including an extract of the Ode Intimations of Immortality by W. Wordsworth and music, such as Siegfried’s Funeral March (transcribed for piano) by R. Wagner, Moment Musicaux Op. 16 No. 4 by S. Rachmaninov and Prelude and Fugue in A minor by J.S. Bach accompany the ballad. Last but not least, it includes humoresque pieces to lighten the mood.

'We dream of a journey through the universe. But is the universe then not in us? We do not know the depths of our spirit. Inward goes the secret path. Eternity with its worlds, the past and future, is in us or nowhere' ~ Novalis

The Novalis Eurythmy Ensemble is a group of young, professional eurythmists and was founded in 2015. Since then several programmes for adults and children have been developed and shown throughout Europe.