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  • When: Saturday, 20 January 2018

  • Dates:  
    Saturday 20th to Sunday 21th January

    Course Fees:  £110/£88 conc

    Where: SAOG Studios, Emerson College Campus, Forest Row, East Sussex, UK

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    For More Information: visit sacredartofgeometry.com

Geometry of the Alhambra

Geometry of the Alhambra

Learn how to draw beautiful Alhambra patterns using the traditional tools of compass and straightedge.

The Andalusian Nasrid masterpiece the Alhambra has for centuries proved a rich source of inspiration for artists, scientists, mathematicians and poets.

The human soul has an inherent yearning for the True, the Beautiful and the Good; tourists flock in the millions annually to experience these timeless principles present in the patterns and architectural proportions of this magnificent palace.

We'll focus on the construction of a handful of distinctively Alhambra patterns which will be taught in a gentle step-by-step manner suitable for both beginner and intermediate ability levels. Time allowing and we'll also explore Alhambra colour schemes.