Event Details

  • When: Sunday, 21 January 2018
  • Dates: Sunday 21st to Sunday 28th January

    Times: TBC

    Course Fees: £700

    Where: Emerson College 

    How To Apply: Please apply with a motivation letter and a short cv to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    or by post to:
    International Institute for Gestural Arts
    Att: Prof. Roland Matthies
    HKS Ottersberg, University of Applied Sciences and Arts
    D - 28870 Ottersberg

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Gestural Arts ~ Form-Transform-Perform

Gestural Arts ~ Form-Transform-Perform

This 8 day course will merge the boundaries between different art forms with an aim of bringing to life concepts of relationship and transformation.

While we can theorise about such fundamental processes in our work, this module enables you to have an experience of them directly through your physicality and imagination.  

Through a pathway that combines movement, drama, storytelling, choreography and ensemble work, you will learn how your body can become anything! You will discover a tangible relationship between the body and inanimate objects.

How can we bring energy to our environment? How can we re-invigorate our bodies? How can we give life to our imaginations?

You will learn how you can bring dynamics to the space around you, transform the space within you and extend that animation to things outside you. 

The benefits of this are:

to give you the ability to convey boundaries, transformation and relationships between the animate and inanimate through your gestural performance

to give you a full and balanced gestural repertoire that enables you to embody and understand a wider range of your own inner diversity as well as of different characters and their elemental qualities 

to enable you to interact more fully with other characters on stage, with your audience and your environment and bring your performances to life.