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  • When: Saturday, 17 March 2018
  • Dates: Saturday 17th to Sunday 25th March

    Times: TBC

    Course Fees: £750

    Where: Emerson College 

    How To Apply: Please apply with a motivation letter and a short cv to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    or by post to:
    International Institute for Gestural Arts
    Att: Prof. Roland Matthies
    HKS Ottersberg, University of Applied Sciences and Arts
    D - 28870 Ottersberg

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Gestural Arts ~ Performing Voice - Gestural Speech - Embodied Text

Gestural Arts ~ Performing Voice - Gestural Speech - Embodied Text

The meaning of words we speak make up 10-15 % of any human communication, Tone, rhythm, articulation, resonance and gesture communicate far more.

How do we use voice on stage, in our lives and workplaces? How do the words we speak become gestural?

How can we embody a text in order to make its meaning more impactful, more sensual? 

During this module we will explore the parameters of our own voice, speech and language. We will work through movement as a way to experiment with our own vocal potential in performing. The basic functions of voice and speech - breath, sound and rhythm - will be explored as expressive tools. Speech will be investigated physically and energetically through physical exercises.  We will explore texts and vice versa the textualization of bodies e.g. how to work with written words through our bodies as well as how to find text from the language and wisdom of the body. 

The benefits of this are:

to enable you to choose how to bring a text to life;

to enable you to be sensitive for the interdependence of voice, body language and movement in order to give characters, interactions and situations  depth and authenticity;

to go beyond the conventional idea of building a character giving you the skills to create out of movement a script for them (i.e. use the body to find the words instead of the other way around); 

to enable you to go beyond the body you see - overcoming automatic scripts and stereotypes.