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  • When: Monday, 18 March 2019
  • Dates: 18th to 22nd March 2019

    Tuition Fees: £400 (Or £375 early bird rate if you book before 5th January 2019)

    Where: Emerson College 

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SHORT COURSE: Objects - Medial Gestures

SHORT COURSE: Objects - Medial Gestures

Use objects to creatively to extend and expand your dramatic and movement repertoire in this transformative one-week course with Prof Roland Matthies and Rachel Porter.

To be able to bring life to the inanimate is the very essence of theatre, this module is a celebration of the magic of performative transformation!

Play with the boundaries of your own gestural capacity as we experientially examine possibilities in making artistic works through and with objects.

Most performance work involves the use of props, costume, and architecture. We will provide a play space for these external elements and discover their life and rhythm as well as our relationship with them.

We will also explore how we can use objects to train our voices and bodies, how they can help us to explore the very essence of a scene and inspire new ideas in our work and own expressive nature. As always the heart of the work will be the body and voice of the performer and the embodiment process as a way into actor/dancer development. 

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