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  • When: Monday, 24 June 2019
  • Dates: 24th to 28th June 2019

    Tuition Fees: £400 (Or £375 early bird rate if you book before 31st March 2019)

    Where: Emerson College 

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SHORT COURSE: Performing the Language of Nature - Organic Gestures

SHORT COURSE: Performing the Language of Nature - Organic Gestures

Work with the body and its emotional landscapes through the elements of nature, develop as a performer and become more gesturally skilled in this immersive one-week course with Prof Roland Matthies and Rachel Porter.

This will be a powerful week as we re - unite our bodies and spirits to the very elements that made them!

Many great teachers e.g. Jacques Lecoq, have used imagesfrom nature to stimulate dynamic shifts and expansionsin performer's bodies and expressive capabilities. 

This is not just about primitive aspects in a regressive sense, much of our natural world is extraordinarily intelligent in its design and sophisticated in its movements and dynamics. When working with our somatic selves its of huge benefit to utilize the energetic and physical forces of the natural world as they are the very foundations of our material being, our life cycles, our external reality. 

We will learn how to translate dynamics of organic movements and forms into gestural material for artistic and social interactions.  

We will explore one vast aspect of gestural expression and inspiration found within the natural world and its multitudinous spectrum of transforming and fixed qualities. 

We will find inspiration from animal, vegetable and mineral elements as sources of relational dynamics. We will create gestures of landscapes with our bodies and voices, exploring how we can become our environment and how it can become us. 

Elemental forces e.g. seasons,can be metaphors for human states, emotions, character traits, movement qualities.  We find when we work with these elemental forces in different ways we can develop our range of physical and emotional expression and authentic connection with primal forces of human nature and relationship. Often people find this experience of being immersed thematically (studio work) and environmentally (outdoor work) in nature can liberate and nurture something within themselves as people and performers. You will read and interpret gestures of natural phenomena to enrich and develop your personal gestural repertoire. 

This can be of benefit not just in theatre but performance in many areas of daily life and work. 

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