Event Details

  • When: Friday, 27 March 2020
  • WEEKEND 1:  Fri 27th to Sun 29th March 2020

    WEEKEND 2:  Fri 1st to Sun 3rd May 2020

    WEEKEND 3:  Fri 22nd to Sun 24th May 2020

    WEEKEND 4:  Fri 26th to Sun 28th June 2020

    Times: The times for each weekend are:
    Fri 19.30 to 21.30, 
    Sat 9.00 to 17.00, 
    Sun 9.00 to 12.30

    Where: Emerson College, Forest Row

    Tuition Fee:  £780*

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A four-part drama course to help you step into your light with Martin Schmandt.

Join Martin Schmandt for this transformative course to help you to develop your sence of presence through all the stages life presents you with.

Learn to stay grounded in a dynamic world of feeling and imagination, and to use your body and voice as powerful expressive tools.

Reveal aspects of your inner life that have been waiting to emerge through character exploration and learn to grow wings.

The course includes a special session devoted to directing which sensitises you to the key questions of any developing situation. In drama terms, that means that you give attention and focus to what is at stake in the scene and recognise the dynamics at play in moving to a resolution. This work is a powerful tool that can be applied within your life even after you have walked into the wings. 

We are going to be studying the tasks and hindrances of every character, and how these work on different levels. This will allow players to identify what is characteristic of their own journeys. 

Over many years I have enjoyed leading drama workshops and performances with groups of adults and young people. I have always experienced both their delight in the activity and the profound fruits in terms of growth, self-awareness and personal energy.

This course is suitable for anyone who needs to lead groups or stand before crowds. It is ideal for anyone who is interested in developing all the strengths detailed below. 
This is an excellent Continuous Professional Development course for professions such as teachers, healers, leaders, and public speakers. 


Martin Schmandt

Martin Schmandt has been a Waldorf teacher for 19 years. He was a Class Teacher at Michael Hall for 16 years. He wrote and directed many Class 12 plays and other performances such as musicals and operas. 

He is am an international advisor on Waldorf education and regularly visit China.
He has a diploma from Artemis School of Speech and Drama in East Grinstead. 
He currently runs a Drama in Education course in China and works as a writer and director with touring companies in the UK. 
He is a practising artist, specialising in sacred paintings and biographical portraiture www.martinschmandt.com. 

He is also a published poet.