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  • When: Saturday, 02 June 2018

    Event: The second in a cycle of study workshops with Dr Broder von Laue & Dr James Dyson - Dr Pablo Jeczmien

    Dates:  Saturday 2nd to Sunday 3rd June

    Times:  Sat 9:00am-20:30pm, Sun 9:00am-13:30pm

    Course Fees: £92.50  (including meals: Saturday lunch & supper, Sunday lunch) 

    Where:  Emerson College, Hartfield Road, Forest Row, East Sussex, UK

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WEEKEND WORKSHOP: Learning to Think Life – to Know the Etheric World

WEEKEND WORKSHOP: Learning to Think Life – to Know the Etheric World

Therapeutic Insights: Lecture IV 

'Mental illnesses and their relation to the pre-earthly life.'

A Foundation for Therapy

In this cycle of workshops we try to activate our thinking ability toward the Etheric world and our Etheric body through the study of relevant lectures given by Rudolf Steiner.

In the 1st step – 09.2016 - we looked at the human Etheric body in its ability to carry out the processes of building up and breaking down (The Invisible Man in Us: pathology as a basis for therapy. Dornach, 11.02.1923).

We went on to learn (02.2017) the concepts of the Etheric world around us – the beings fighting each other inside the world and influencing our Etheric body in health and illness (Planetary Spheres and Their Influence on Mans Life on Earth and in the Spiritual Worlds; Lecture V - GA 218 - London, 16.11.1922).

In the 3rd step (06.2017) we connected these ideas with the pre-earthly life in which we gather the forces to build our body and prepare ourselves for our individual tasks on earth (The Gate to the Sun and the Gate to the Moon; Karmic Relationships, VI: Lecture III - GA 240 - Zurich, 28.01.1924).

We want to go on in this mutual endeavor and will take up 4 lectures, which R. Steiner gave in Dornach from 26th June to 3rd July 1921: Therapeutic Insights - GA 205.


25th-26th Nov 2017 Understanding the laws of the four elements is the bridge between the physical world and the true spiritual world. (Lecture II -26.06.21)
17th-18th March 2018 Embryonic development – and its connection with hallucination, fantasia and true Imagination. (Lecture III - 01.07.21).
2nd-3rd June 2018 Mental illnesses and their relation to the pre-earthly life. (Lecture IV - 02.07.21)
3rd-4th Nov 2018 Our individual spiritual past is living in our thinking and remembering, our spiritual future has to be build out of knowledge, how Ahriman and Lucifer are working in our soul and in our Etheric body. (Lecture V – 03.07.21)


Workshop/Seminar Details

The seminar is open to everybody inside the field of therapeutic-education work in order to understand the spiritual background of somatic and psychic illnesses. 

The better you have studied each lecture the easier it is for you to follow the seminar. 

The workshop is limited to 25 participants.