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  • When: Wednesday, 18 April 2018

    Dates:  Every Wednesday from 18th April to 11th July

    Times: 7.30pm - 9.15pm

    Course Fees: Cost: £15 per session or book entire course (x 13 sessions) £156

    Where: SAOG Studios, Emerson College Campus, Forest Row, East Sussex, UK

    Course Booking:  Click here to book your place

    For More Information: visit sacredartofgeometry.com

EVENING WORKSHOPS: Mandalas of the World

EVENING WORKSHOPS: Mandalas of the World

A series of Wednesday evening classes exploring sacred patterns and mandalas of the world with Daniel Docherty, Vija Docherty and Kira Orsak.

Mandalas can be understood to be diagrams, patterns and pictures that are distillations of cosmic wisdom and harmony. For many cultures and traditions they are an essential part of spiritual and contemplative practice. During this course of 14 evening classes, which can be attended as a whole or on a drop in basis (space permitting), we will learn how to construct (and colour!) - using compass and straightedge - many different mandalas from around the world; we'll explore their inherent symbolism and cosmic correspondences. The mathematical/geometric journey of Mandala construction will be considered in a contemplative manner in light of sages, past and present, indicating that such activity may '... lead the soul toward truth' and develop in the practitioner a sense for perceiving the 'ever-true and eternally existent' in this world of constant flux and change. (Socrates/Plato)

The higher purpose of geometry is to participate, body, soul and spirit in the objective universal laws that govern and cohere our universe. This activity can lead us directly to the centre of our own understanding which unifies us with the whole.'
Keith Critchlow (Hidden Geometry of Flowers/Floris Books)