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  • When: Saturday, 20 June 2020

  • Times:
    Sat: 10:00-16:00
    Sun: 9:00-12:00

    Where: Carson Green, Emerson College

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WEEKEND WORKSHOP: Goethean Science 1

WEEKEND WORKSHOP: Goethean Science 1

This workshop is open to all Heartwood students and is part of a series of workshops covering all aspects of materia medica.

Materia medica gatherings are a chance for all Heartwood students to meet and study in the Heartwood Biodynamic Botanic Garden under the guidance of experienced practitioners, and to participate in workshops led by experts in many different aspects of the art, craft and science of herbal medicine.


  • Introduction to Goethian science
  • First impression


  • Exact observation
  • The growing process
  • Personality
  • Essence indications


  • Bibliographic evidence/confirmation
  • Garden and library time

This Study Method emerged from Michael’s work with Margaret Colquhoun, Ian Wiggle, and Drs Geoffrey Douch, Frank Mulder and Jurgen Schurholz in the context of the “Medical Section Cardiodoron Research Group” which worked together over seven or eight years in the 1990s. Margaret Colquoun trained with Jochen Bockemuehl at the Natural Science Section at the Goetheanum in Switzerland.
The value of this method is that it allows groups to research a medicinal plant and come step by step to a sense of the unique qualities or “Being” of the plant which could suggest its medicinal value. The strength of the method has been the experience of working with groups unaware of the identity or traditional uses of the plant and coming to a hypothetical list of “indications” which frequently have a remarkable overlap with uses mentioned within traditional herbal literature, the homoeopathic drug pictures and anthroposophic bibliography and conventional pharmacy when existent.


Medical Plant Study Medical Course  Goungzhou1

Dr Michael Evans is a medical doctor and certified anthroposophic physician who worked as an NHS GP for 26 years and now sees patients privately. He leads the International Postgraduate Medical Training in the Philippines and is a faculty member of the UK Mental Health Seminar.