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SHORT COURSE: Once Upon a Lifetime - Autobiographical and traditional wonder tales

SHORT COURSE: Once Upon a Lifetime - Autobiographical and traditional wonder tales

A creative and inspiring storytelling journey of weaving together traditional and personal stories into one performance. with Roi Gal-Or.

The classic old Wonder Tales hold depth, mysterious powers and wisdom which help them endure the rise and fall of nations and address the souls of people today as much as they did many hundreds of years ago. Our own biographies are full of the stuff these great stories are made of: the quest to find meaning, wisdom or love, written day by day as we journey through the joys and sorrows of life.

Just as in the old wonder tales, we ourselves are called to overcome obstacles in the form of earthly trials and challenges, at times feeling as lonely as those maidens locked in a tower. Sometimes we too are fortunate to find the helpers, who seem to come at the time we most need them and in the most surprising and unexpected forms. And if we are lucky, we may even survive and live to tell the tale…

In this 2 week course, alongside working with traditional wonder tales from around the world, we will also work to craft our own personal stories so that what is universal and archetypal in them can be shared as gifts with our listeners. This journey will open our eyes to freshly seeing and honouring the magic and wonder present in our own life. It will inspire and give insight to finding new meaning in our daily experiences and in the ‘old stories’ (including the most challenging ones…)

If you are interested in performing stories you will be introduced to an artistic, creative and powerful way of weaving together traditional and personal stories into one performance.

The course is suitable for beginners as well as for experienced storytellers.

COVID 19 Update: At the moment we are very much hoping and intending for this course to happen as planned here at Emerson College. We are working hard to make sure the college will follow and meet all the guidelines and requirements needed to offer the course and the use of other facilities on campus in a safe environment. If for any reason it proves impossible to start the course at the college, we would offer you a full refund of the tuition fees and unused accommodation/meals fees and/ or the option for an online 'live' version of the course.  If the course is interrupted by factors beyond our control after it has started, we will offer the options of a partial refund, postponed attendance, and/or an option to continue in a live online version of the programme.



About the tutor

Roi Gal-Or is an internationally acclaimed performing storyteller and workshop leader publicly recognised for his unique playful and profound way of teaching storytelling over the last 17 years. Roi is co-founder of the International School of Storytelling based at Emerson College, England. He teaches the use of storytelling in service of the environment education, healing, peace and reconciliation. Roi works with the power of stories and the imagination to inspire connection and social transformation, foster vision, possibility, community and personal development.



'I think the combination of wonder tales and personal stories is very profound, A timely and sacred exploration and sharing for the times we are in. For me the Wonder tales and the chance to really work with them unlocked deeper truths, qualities and unexpectedly  revealed gifts from buried relationships which strengthened the roots for what I am doing in the world. The wonder tale journey helped me identify and craft essential elements within my biographical story. -Bringing these two different worlds together of wonder, mystery and tangible reality seem to have a kind of alchemy which I hope will continue to work it’s magic within me and the projects I am involved with for many years to come.'

Jane Riddiford , NZ - Founding Director of Global Generation Educational Charity 2017


'This course is a magical door that opens up potentials for healing, building community and exploring the mystery of life. The concept was masterfully facilitated by Roi bringing his passion for the work, but also extremely skilfully guiding and managing the group . It has felt like a completely safe alchemical space in which I felt all those who have participated have grown and learned while also forming new friendships. No one will leave as they arrived and all are better equipped for the next adventures of life.'

Jane James,  2017

'Working with wonder tales has been a real blessing, I feel like they have so much to offer us;
Learning of what it means to be human, healing and reassurance that everything changes -no matter how dark, strength in how we can find ways to overcome fear and trials within and without.  Working to wave our own stories into these wonder tales only serves to further highlight these learnings. I feel like every day I sat with my wonder tale Iv’e found another layer of understanding , both of the teal itself and of my own experience as a human.' 

Alex Procter, Uk 2017


'This was a magical and enchanted time together, where I feel everyone made strides forward in themselves and their ability to tell stories. There was an amazing spirit between us as a group-a spirit of love ,connection and support. A very special time when we broke through personal limitations and reached a rare degree of communion between us. Our stories came alive -became real as we shared them with each other and with the whole group .Thank you for such a brilliant time! The magic of story is growing within me and being expressed more and more into the “sea of stories”'

Rod Sugden, Teacher ,UK   2017

'I loved being around people from so many different backgrounds and countries. Deep immersion into deep stories. We didn't learn the stories but created pathways for them to reveal themselves…sort of like brain pathways being rerouted.Yeah! I feel like my brain is different!'

Lisa Nelson, USA 2017