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  • When: Monday, 20 August 2018

    Dates: Mon 20th to Fri 24th Aug 2018  

    Timings: Mon  10am - 5pm
    Tues  9am -5pm and 7.15 pm-9.15pm 
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ONE WEEK COURSE: Puppetry and Storytelling with Nature

ONE WEEK COURSE: Puppetry and Storytelling with Nature

A one week course with Bronia Evers and Arthur Gardner-Dyer, ideal for anyone interested in puppet making and storytelling, wishing to take inspiration from the natural world .

Puppets are natural born storytellers. They can show us elements from a story, and help to bring that tale to life before our eyes.  Puppets can act as a visual doorway in to the storyteller’s world of words, and even comment on or question the tale as it slips from the teller’s lips. In working with puppets, we may be offered fresh perspectives on a story we know well, or they may be the springboard for the creation of something entirely new. Puppets can also be patient listeners…

Together, we will discover what kind of puppet character is emerging, through playful exploration of a range of materials and techniques including textiles and mixed-media sculpture. Beginners and those with more craft experience are equally welcome on the course. Please note that an additional session has been scheduled for the Tuesday evening, specifically to extend the time available for puppet crafting, for those who would like it.

Florin in woods crop

crouching students with puppets outdoors

Games and guided exercises will help us to enjoy connecting with our puppet creations and bringing them to life. We will be taking our story and puppet adventures outdoors and will be inspired by the beautiful surroundings of Emerson College, which we will explore through nature connection work, using our many senses. 

We will become aware of the relationship between the puppet, the storyteller and the story itself. You will have the option to bring and work with a traditional tale and to enrich your relationship with the story through the puppet and nature work, or you may choose to create a new story out of this work.During our final afternoon session, we will hold a harvest celebration of work-in-progress, with each participant being invited to share a short piece developed during our time together.

You will come away with some basic puppetry skills, and a simple hand crafted puppet of your own with at least one moving part. You will be equipped with games and exercises to help you get to know your puppet, and will have experienced creating the seed for a puppet/storytelling performance, and sharing this in a supportive environment with fellow students. You will also have gathered a range of ideas and tools for enriching your storytelling through nature connection work, sensory experiences and spontaneous play.

Bronia Evers is a storyteller and a puppeteer. She is also a designer and maker of puppets, props and miniature story worlds.

In 2006, she co-founded the storytelling and puppetry company One Moment In Time Theatre with her colleague Gerry Spiller. Since then Bronia has been telling stories in schools, libraries, theatres, and at festivals around Britain, both independently and with One Moment In Time. You can read more about her work here: www.onemomentintimetheatre.com

Bronia trained in puppetry at the Little Angel Theatre in London, after graduating with a BA in Theatre and English Literature from the University of Warwick. Her love of language and traditional tales later led her on to train as a storyteller at The International School of Storytelling. Through playing with puppetry and storytelling as collaborating art forms, Bronia’s work continues to explore the ways in which spoken language and visual imagery can combine to offer the audience a bridge in to the world of story.

Arthur Gardner-Dyer is a graduate of the International School of Storytelling and has been running introductory courses on the ‘Art of Storytelling’ for the last five years. When living in Brighton, he worked as part of The Brighton Storytellers collective, hosting and performing regularly at club nights in a variety of venues.

Arthur has a particular interest in integrating story into daily life: at work, at home and within communities. He likes to explore the ‘shape-shifting’ quality of story, bringing it to a wide range of contexts: forest school by the fire, ceremonial occasions, assemblies and community festivals, as well as more informal occasions.

Arthur is excited by the interaction between movement, nature and story, how they can inform and enrich one another. He teaches Games and Sport at Michael Hall School, using story and imaginative pictures to inspire movement in children aged 9-18 years. Working outdoors and in Forest School settings, he works with Stories, often as bridges to imaginative play, inviting children and adults to connect with nature in many ways: through the senses, craft, empathic animal games, puppetry and poetry.




'The tutors both brought their fun and gentle approach to the course, and fitted the components together with such expertise and ease that it was a lovely experience. Both managed to draw out my creativity in the shape of a puppet named Florin and a story called The Butterfly Shadow, amazingly this emerged from the group exercises done outdoors and the craft work in the Storytelling Hut. I now have wonderful puppet to accompany myself on my Storytelling adventures and warm memories of a very happy and fulfilling week on the course with Bronia, Arthur and many others friends some in human form and others in puppet form.' - Janet Goring.  Bluebird the Storyteller

'The course was playful, delightful and engaging. I felt it freed up my imagination. I met some great characters- puppets and human. I felt held in the process whilst being free to explore my inner terrain. There was space to let nature work its magic.' - Carl Sullivan


'The week created such a store of lovely memories of being with you all and witnessing our puppets come to life. Thank you Arthur and Bronia for facilitating such a wonderful course, the ripples are still having an effect.' - Alex Langridge