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  • When: Friday, 06 May 2022

  • Dates:

    6-8 May 2022

    17-19 June 2022

    2-4 September 2022

    7-9 October 2022


    Time: Friday 7.30pm – Sunday 1pm

    Where: Emerson College, Pixton, Hartfield Road, Forest Row, East Sussex RH18 5JX England



    £600 Standard for the whole course (four weekends)




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Research in Spiritual Science

Research in Spiritual Science

A journey of inner spiritual development and “Learning by Doing” with Inessa Burdich MSc

We are pleased to present an experiential course in Self-development based on the teaching of Rudolf Steiner who dedicated a significant part of his work to individual spiritual development through meditation exercises. In fact, Steiner’s entire Spiritual Science or Anthroposophy is not only a revelation of spiritual perceptions but also a call for us to embark on a personal path of Inner Development, a vital prerequisite to fulfilling our mission here on Earth. 

Inessa Burdich has been practicing meditation for over 30 years and will use her resultant supersensible perceptive abilities – acquired through this meditative work and continuously fine-tuned through her ongoing work with many clients – to guide you through a practical approach to Inner Work.

The course is designed for people who are searching for or have already embarked upon a personal spiritual path and are eager to consciously work on their inner development.

The path of self-development based upon Spiritual Science presented in this course will focus on you strengthening your "I" (your sense of Self) as a foundation of all spiritual work. You will learn approaches to increasingly focus your thinking, purify and refine your feeling life, and strengthen your will.

Please note: All talks and workshops are based on our direct supersensible observations of a large number of people.


What will you gain from the course?

The course offers an overview of the foundations of Anthroposophical “Spiritual Science” which can be experienced as something that nourishes the inner life, supports creativity, and helps participants to serve the world.

The main objectives of the course are:

  • Learning and deepening the basic content of Spiritual Science, its insights and methods.
  • Fostering a moral development and enriching the life of the soul based on a core understanding of the Higher (spiritual) Worlds and man’s relationship with them.
  • Learning how to bring a positive and supportive supersensible contribution to the spiritual and moral development of the world.
  • Learning how to conduct effective and lawful experiential research in supersensible realms.

Course Structure

Every weekend includes Friday and Saturday evening talks and Workshops on Saturday and Sunday. In every workshop we will explore and apply practical exercises to deepen the topics of the talks.


Meditation and Self-Development

Weekend 1

  • Friday Talk: Meditation as a path of spiritual development and as a method for spiritual scientific research.
  • Saturday Workshop: Discover and apply practical exercises to deepen the topic of the talk. This will be a space to explore the value and practice of meditation as a training and as a research process:
    • Experiencing and researching will-o'-the-wisp thoughts;
    • Practising concentration of thoughts; 
    • Exploring feelings of stability and confidence.
  • Saturday Talk: The characteristics of Etheric realm (vital forces) in human beings and in nature (Part 1).
  • Sunday Workshop: Self-development and research. How to control your thoughts. Becoming aware of the Etheric realms.


Etheric and Astral Realms

Weekend 2

  • Friday Talk: How can I live with vitality? The Etheric realm (vital forces) in human beings and in nature (Part 2).
  • Saturday Workshop: In the workshop we will explore Etheric perception to gain a deeper understanding of the Etheric realm.
  • Saturday Talk: How to master your feelings. The Astral realm (emotional forces) in human beings and in nature.
  • Sunday Workshop: Practical exercises to deepen the content of the talk: 
    • Where are my feelings “located”? 
    • How can I train myself to control my feelings? 
    • Experiencing and researching feelings of heightened jubilation and deep sadness. 
    • Exploring the feeling of inner quietness.
    • Why did Rudolf Steiner consider the complete quietness in the soul as being the first level of higher initiation? 


Spiritual Dimensions

Weekend 3 (ONLINE)

  • Friday Talk: Dimensions of the sense of Self (I-manifestation) and its relation to hypersensitivity.
  • Saturday Workshop: Practical exercises to deepen the topics of the talk.
    • Am I “the master of my house”? 
    • How can I strengthen my inner self, i.e. my I-manifestation? 
    • Nowadays many people feel disorientated, scattered, and cannot find a connection with themselves – how can we bring ourselves back to our true self? 
  • Positivity has a proven influence on the development of our I-manifestation so we will explore how to consciously turn our mind to the positive aspects of each experience in our life, researching and applying processes by which negative experiences can be transformed into positive ones and the resultant feelings of spiritual happiness.

  • Saturday Talk: The spiritual parts of the human constitution: Spirit Self, Life Spirit, Spirit Man.
  • Sunday Workshop: Practical exercises will deepen our understanding of the topics discussed in the talk. This workshop is mainly dedicated to the part of human spiritual constitution, which is called Spirit Self.We will consider the following subjects: 
    • Exploring and researching the fundamental role of objectivity in spiritual scientific research. 
    • Investigating the processes involved in transforming our subjective experiences into objective ones.
    • Developing an attitude of being completely objective. Becoming aware of the Spirit Self.


Mechanics of the Mind and the Soul

Weekend 4

Friday Talk: The soul parts of the human constitution. The Sentient and the Consciousness parts of the soul.

  • Saturday Workshop: Practical exercises, will deepen our understanding of the topics discussed in the talk. On a path of inner development we become aware of how our life is full of disturbances and attractions that pull us in different directions every day. 
    • How do I find a spiritual centre of gravity that gives me strength and confidence, and supports me in keeping a steady balance of inner equilibrium and harmony? 
    • How does an inner balance between my soul and spiritual forces bring harmony into the relationship between my intellect, feelings and morality?

    In this workshop we will explore how can we develop an equilibrium of soul, a spiritually inspired mood, which enables us to work safely and effectively in the world. 

  • Saturday Talk: Mechanics of the Mind. The Intellectual part of the soul (mental processes).
  • Sunday Workshop: Practical exercises to deepen the topics addressed in the talk. We will explore following aspects: 
    • Where are our thoughts ‘located’? 
    • How do we experience a difference between the activity of thinking and the content of this thinking? 
    • Why for most of us an observation of our own thinking during the process of thinking is hard and can even be described as an ‘exceptional state’? 

    We will also research the question of how we can develop the ability to think nothing, and will practise and research how to achieve a state of mind that has no content. Finally, will also be explored the phenomenon and requirements of a lawful research question.

For more information about the course visit http://www.spiritual-research.eu/en/themen/


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The course structure was excellent. Clear, focused teaching on a board with precise instruction and the diagrams were helpful.

The practical exercises were good because they were structured and sort of ‘tiered’. It worked well with our concentration. I was glad we fed back as a group, as 'feeling the whole' was important to me. Inessa had a kind, patient attitude, but also firm in that we just keep trying. This was good, just right. Inessa held the focus and energy of this large group incredibly well, which is quite a feat for a single facilitator to carry such a course.

The evening lectures were interesting (very). Also, I like the insertion of some eurythmy and group movement and a poem read by Rowan. Particularly helpful was the addition of personal ways and examples of fitting meditation into a difficult, varied life schedule. This shows it is hectic but doable and not to be left until retirement age. 

A wonderful course and I am very grateful that I am connected to a larger spiritual community through this course. I think we all felt lucky to have this wisdom and guidance shared.

The room we had it is was optimum for this course. The staff, manager and accommodation was organised incredibly well. They were patient and helpful and the allocation of bedroom and own use shower was helpful as it reduced fuss of timings and booking slots, as was the kettle and milks left for us in our kitchen. We were not treated like we were aliens despite covid and the food was absolutely delicious.

Emma, London, 40


I very much appreciated taking  part in the first weekend of the  ‘Research in spiritual Science’ course. It has been highly inspirational. We covered a lot of content. Clear distinctions between steps that can be taken when engaging with meditation, the styles and potential achievements. I particularly loved the fact that participants were encouraged to explore themselves certain themes and come to an experience by trying out, by ‘DOING’. There was a great balance between ‘sharing knowledge’ and practise. Nothing of the elements explored has been left 

‘hanging in the air’ as a hardly achievable task, but rather was felt, experienced and let unfold within each individual. 

I am looking forward to the further weekends and feel encouraged to just ‘keep learning by doing’. 

Thank you Emerson, for making this happen, thank you Inessa for being such a warm presence and inspiration. Your lectures are breath-taking and a pleasure to listen to. You have a style that ‘fits all’ - you meet your audience. I certainly feel part of it when l listened to you.

Annamaria, 35, Eurythmy teacher, trainer and therapist, West Midlands


This course was for me a breakthrough. 

It is goes without saying that the main focus of Anthroposophic movement as initiated by Rudolf Steiner is to encourage humanity, and each one of us, to take  responsibility for the next stage of human development: return to the spiritual world  in a conscious self -propelled way. 

"The Divinity which left its cosmic form and became man can the once again find its way back to the cosmos through the deeds of human beings" (Ita Wegman). 

On this journey developing spiritual organs is like developing the 'eyes' and the 'limbs' for a Spiritual World. Unfortunately the vast majority of Anthroposophic movement stays at an intellectual level (which is so safe and satisfying) and does not take the leap into 'living' the mission of Anthroposophy.

I myself, was stuck at the 'reading anthroposophy'  level for over 15 years until I met Inessa Burdich. The vivid experience of someone who has taken the journey and is ready to guide you through its steps is of phenomenal power. The power of the example of a fellow human being!  Once you meet someone who can guide you from a standing point of his/her personal practice, you start to feel that taking the journey toward conscious spiritual development in a practical way is within reach.

This course made the switch toward a routine of daily meditative practice (which is what I believe what Steiner would have wished us all to do) 

Inessa's teaching was measured, balanced, and … sane. She received our contributions with great tact and kindness in a way which made everyone feel included and valuable. 

It is a specific skill of a person to talk as equal and thus empower in others their own potential. 

I could notice that joy on people's faces at the end of the seminar after having been enlightened to their own previously unacknowledged capacities. 

We could feel that Inessa's knowledge comes from the depths of decades (probably lifetimes of practice), we could feel the solidity and the professionalism of her approach to meditation. Yet, it felt that this path is available and accessible to everyone. Accessible in the right way: through dedication, hard work and daily commitment.  

I have now settled into a daily routine and after a month, I already feel the transformation. 

I have but immense gratitude to Emerson College for making this seminar available for us.

I look forward to future modules.

Domnita, 41, Med Doctor GP, Dursley, Glos


Enjoyable and creative weekend. 

Varied exercises and meditations gave opportunity to learn and practice spiritual capacities.
This is not selfish work, the outcome Is a beneficial contribution to the spiritual and moral development of the world.
Up to us to do the work which leads to inner harmony, strength and higher faculties.
Two evening lectures provided an informed and valuable foundation to the subject. 

Thank you for an enjoyable and creative weekend

Diana, 75, a retired Kindergarten teacher, Kings Langley, UK. 


My first impressions brought enthusiasm for the exercises and their practice.

The weekend was a door opening, beyond my expectations, it made the spiritual world perceivable amongst the participants. 

The structure of the course was clear, starting from sharing of the actual knowledge/spiritual research leading to practical exercises. These were brought and held by Inessa, experiences themselves came from participants in a variety of “colours” with surprisingly unifying quality pointing to objectivity.

Since the course finished I undertook daily practice of the introduced exercises. There is potential of fruitfulness in this activity which could influence my profession as a eurythmist and a teacher and thus be useful to a wide community of which I am part of.

I perceived the cleansing, warming and health bringing quality of the course. What a wonderful gift for myself and the world!

Zlata, London, Eurythmy Teacher, 43 years old


So far, the Research in Spiritual Science course has been everything I could have hoped for. It is truly Anthroposophy in action, or living Anthroposophy. 

There is a good balance between theory and practice, the latter being the practice of meditation together as a way of spiritual knowledge. There was a great variety of such meditative exercises, which were truly mind expanding and mental-flexibility enhancing. 

The meditative exercises were also catered towards the specific needs of our group, as supersensibly perceived by Inessa. It was truly transformative. 

My colleagues and friends on the course said how I seemed to be different (in a good way), and only after a weekend! Inessa is a wonderful teacher and all-round sweet being for whom no question is a bad question.  

Furthermore, I am now part of a wonderful, active spiritual community, how lucky am I! Highly recommended.

Yolanda, Aberdeen, Scotland, student, 25 years old 


The 2 days I spent at Emmerson on the course Research in Spiritual Science brought to life the meaning of words. Every word has a gesture and a being and the use of language is significant. Looking deeper into the spiritual side of life was amazingly inspirational and reassuring. Inessa's gentle and beautiful teaching style provides the participants with a feeling of love and warmth and that we are all worthy and never wrong.  It was an amazing work out for the brain.

Zoe, Leeds, Civil Servant and mother, 46 years old


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Inessa photo2

Inessa Burdich graduated as a physicist after which she embarked on an international business career spanning two decades. Her first passion was chess and she was a professional chess player and chess-coach for several years. She gained her MSc in the UK in the field of Therapeutic Education. Inessa has practiced meditation all her life, having started at an early age. 

Along with her husband she founded in Germany the research company Applied Spiritual Research, which offers supersensible research in a wide variety of fields.

Her domains of activity include

  1. Supersensible research in the development and production of mistletoe-based remedies. Inessa’s main focus of research is investigating the supersensible sources that lie behind illnesses, especially oncological and psychiatric illnesses (including addictions), autistic-spectrum conditions, vaccinations, infections, and also the human endocrine, lymphatic and immune systems.
  2. Counselling organisations and individuals, and also carrying out a spiritual audit of buildings and places.
  3. Workshops and talks on research in spiritual science and on methods of supersensible perception and their applications.

Inessa can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..