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  • When: Monday, 13 May 2019

    Dates:  Monday 13th to Friday 17th May

    Times: 10am to 5pm

    Tuition Fee: £335

    Where: SAOG Studios, Emerson College Campus, Forest Row, East Sussex, UK

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SHORT COURSE: Mandalas of the World

SHORT COURSE: Mandalas of the World

A week-long course exploring sacred patterns and mandalas of the world with Daniel Docherty.

Mandalas, in essence, can be understood to be diagrams, patterns and pictures that are distillations of cosmic wisdom and harmony; repositories of archetypal intelligence.

Mandalas offer a potentially powerful means of deepening one’s spiritual and contemplative practice. This is especially true when they are constructed - using the traditional tools of compass and straightedge - in a considered and contemplative manner. Our primary focus will be on the construction and comprehension of Mandalas from the Western esoteric tradition; this will include the developing of a portfolio - an alchemical 'tool-kit' - of diagrams and sacred geometries with significant numerological
and symbolic implications which will enable participants to develop their own
meaningful and original mandalas.

During this week-long course, Daniel Docherty will guide participants through the construction of a number of mandalas from different traditions including mandalas that embody significant planetary patterns. We will explore their inherent symbolism and cosmic correspondences. Participants will also make their our own paints from various minerals such as malachite and azurite in order to colour and ensoul certain designs.

The higher purpose of geometry is to participate, body, soul and spirit in the objective universal laws that govern and cohere our universe. This activity can lead us directly to the centre of our own understanding which unifies us with the whole.'
Keith Critchlow (Hidden Geometry of Flowers/Floris Books)