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  • When: Monday, 01 July 2019

    Timings: 8pm - 10pm

    Tickets: £8 (£6 concessions)

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TALK: Finding Light in Dark Times

TALK: Finding Light in Dark Times

We are living in challenging times – how can we find meaning and hope in the surrounding darkness?

We live in times of "post truth" and "fake news”. We also live in times that are liberating the powers of individuality for both good and evil.  Nearly half a century ago, Fritz Schumacher, also the author of “Small is Beautiful’, wrote a book entitled “A Guide for the Perplexed”. This title appears even more relevant in the present times, as we address what appear to be escalating dilemmas sociologically, politically and ecologically. Yet the essential challenge of what it means to become human - in fact what is the task of "project humankind" - remain unchanged, and yet all too infrequently addressed. In this talk James Dyson will attempt to address this question within the context of the broader framework of evolving humanity.

Dr James Dyson was a practising medical doctor and anthroposophic physician for 35 years. Since 2014 his work has been mainly as an adult educator and as a consulting psychologist within Steiner Waldorf Schools and communities for children or adults with special needs. He has a special interest in developmental psychology and mental health and lectures regularly in this country and abroad on these and related subjects. He lives with his wife in Stourbridge.