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  • When: Monday, 15 July 2019

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     8pm - 10pm

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TALK: What Can We Learn from Ancient Forests?

TALK: What Can We Learn from Ancient Forests?

How important are our ancient forests? What can we learn from them?

Last year our world lost about 8,000,000 ha of tropical forest, about the size of Scotland. In the first 15 years of this millennium we felled more forest than the entire area of the EU nations. At this rate there will be none left in less than 100 years. Can we afford to continue losing our ancient forests at such a 'sustainable' rate. Does it matter for our future? Do we need massive ancient forests teeming with biodiversity or can we make do with small remnants and get on with the serious business of efficient industrial agriculture to feed our increasing urban populations and technological fixes for our climate issues?

Nick Raeside, who lives in Forest Row, has spent the last 40 years involved with community forestry and working with wood. He has explored biodynamic principles in forestry, managed a project to develop the largest native woods in the UK and spent time with the Woaurani, an indigenous Amazonian tribe fighting for their survival and land rights against their own government in Ecuador.