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  • When: Thursday, 12 December 2019
  • Timings: 8pm-10pm

    Where: The Foundation Room, Emerson College

    Tickets: £8 General Admission / £6 Concession


    *Limited tickets will also be available on the door

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TALK: The Holy Nights of Christmas

TALK: The Holy Nights of Christmas

Dr Sue Peat offers her thoughts on the significance for us of celebrating the Holy Nights.

The Holy Nights are a special time of year - taking us on a winter journey from Christmas Eve, through New Year and on to the Three Kings’ Festival on January 6th. In the West we can see this journey reflected in popular culture as 'The 12 Days of Christmas', in esoteric literature in works such as 'The Dream Song' and in the subtle changes in day length that we experience.

Perhaps it is not without significance that this traditional 12 day festival occurs just after the winter solstice, and each 'Holy Night' in the series is very slightly shorter than the previous one. So, how
can we celebrate this very special time? Of course it's a traditional time for gatherings of family and friends with food, decorations, presents and even arguments !! Some prefer to go on a personal
retreat or take careful note of events (particularly dreams) occurring during the 12 days and relate each day to each of the coming 12 months. 

During this evening we will explore some insights Rudolf
 Steiner offered into the deeper significance of this festival and how celebrating it can contribute to the spiritual development of humanity and ourselves.

Dr. Sue Peat is a medical consultant at Kings College Hospital, working in the specialist field of pain management. She regularly runs groups and workshops at Rudolf Steiner House in London, and serves as a trustee of two Steiner Schools.